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February 20, 2008

EAT Less With Portion Pals

     With all the large portions out there… very few people know what a “true” portion really is!  It’s very rare to see someone actually measure their food with measuring cups and weight scales.  When I ask people what they are eating and HOW MUCH they usually give me rough figures.  I always give tips for “eye balling” portion sizes, however these portion pals would make my job SO much easier!!  Change your portions, change you pants size…. they are directly related! 

Deprivation isn’t the goal here- it’s eating the typical diet that you have but eating in proper proportions and also proper PORTIONS. A lot of what the diet aides— read programs like Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers— focus on is portion control.
Here’s an easier method that lots of celeb types (Halle Berry, Kelly Clarkson, Jessica Alba, Mya, Tori Spelling, Joey Fatone, Brooke Hogan and more) use to control their eating habits and also their weight. It’s

Portionpals® are 5-pack translucent discs that show you the correct portion sizes for meat, chicken, fish, side dishes and dessert. You put a piece of chicken in the rectangle on the chicken portionpal®.

If it is larger than the portion indicated, you cut it to fit and get the proper serving size. Microwavable and dishwasher safe, these disks even double as cutting boards (credit).”

It’s so cool that it’s been featured on Extra!, the television show     This little tool could make losing weight MUCH easier!!!   If you are tacking your calories then all you would have to do is cut the meat to the size, weigh it ONCE, and then figure out the calories…. you should never have to measure again!  I am going to refer this to ALL my clients!

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