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April 11, 2008

The New Controversial Energy Drink – “Blow”


     I’m Sure the name of the drink got your attention.  This New diet drink comes delivered in white Styrofoam boxes.  Once inside the box, little vials of white powder await.  No one can deny that this new diet drink powder is shockingly similar to cocaine!!!  Should it be banned or merely laughed about?  To some, this is pure marketing genius, to others, the down fall of our new younger generations.  Watch the clip below and be amazed!


According to my inside source, who actually witnessed an interview with the creator of “Blow”…. 

    The new powdered energy drink is a “spoof on the 80’s and how popular cocain was.  To him it’s just a fun spin on such a great time period.”


   This new drink can even be snorted!!!!  If that’s too taboo then mix it into your water or favorite beverage for a huge energy boost!  Personally, I think I’ll stick to green tea for my caffeine fix.  No doubt I’ll keep this far away from my nieces and nephews.  For those of you who are trying to relive your glory “rocker” days, this might be a safer alternative to the real thing 😉

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