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February 13, 2008

Feel The Burn In The Pool


     When you are faced with injuries, the best place to burn calories is in the Pool!  This form or exercise allows you to move somewhat weightless, without putting pressure on your joints.  If you know someone who HATES to workout because they can’t stand to be overheated .. then the pool could whip them into shape quick!  These new ankle weights for the pool could add that extra weight you need to mix up your cardio routine and keep it interesting. 

     “Swimming is one of the greatest types of cardio because you can work your body, but you never have to worry about getting too hot. After doing laps, while my muscles are warmed up, I like to do some strength training moves while I’m still in the pool. If you strap on these Aqua Power Ankle Swim Weights ($38.33), you can feel an amazing burn with the water exercises you already do, like leg lifts, walking in the water, or you can hold onto the edge of the pool and kick. They’re great if you like running on the bottom of the pool, or deep water running. The cool thing about these weights is that they come with five, one pound weights for each ankle, so you can add or remove as many as you want, and change them easily between exercises. They’re great if you’re bored in the pool and want to try something new. You’ll strengthen and tone your muscles and make an already tough workout a little bit more challenging (credit)”

     If you have tried everything to get your loved one fit, but you just can’t seem to motivate them onto the elliptical; then maybe it’s time you enticed them with a “nice dip in the pool.”  They can still get a great workout and feel energized for their day.  If you are facing an injury, don’t stop working out… just work out smarter!!!  Low impact exercises can still give you great results without ruining your routine!

Adria Ali


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