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February 6, 2008

Picture Your Weight Loss


     When you start working out; people never fathom how much they are going to change.  When you get up in the morning and look at yourself in the mirror, day after day, you have no idea how much you’re REALLY changing.  Sure, people will comment on how much you have lost, how good you look, or how much muscle definition you have gained.  However, because you are so used to looking at “you,” it’s hard to see it in yourself.  The best way to measure your loss (besides the scale, inches and body fat), is through pictures! 

     There a many different ways to measure your progress through pictures.  One of the best ways is to do incremental pictures of yourself.  Before you start your life change; take a “before picture.”  I know it’s a painful thing to do BUT DO IT ANYWAY (you’ll thank me later).  Take a picture every three weeks to chart your success.  Three weeks is just enough time for your body to register a change. 

    If  you have already started working out, then take a picture of yourself at your heaviest weight (before starting your routine).  Find existing pictures to chart your weight/ body fat loss.  This shouldn’t be too hard.  Next, take a picture of where you are now.  Try to take a picture in either tight clothing or less clothing.  This will help you to see all of your changes.  Make sure that the pictures are full body shots.  If you don’t have any before pictures that show your whole body …. then just base it off of what you have. 

    Another smart idea (if you don’t want to do increments) is to take a picture of yourself at your heaviest weight (preferably a full body shot).  Next, look at the parts of your body you want to change.  Shade in the parts of your body that you want to get rid of.  Put that new shaded picture somewhere that you will see it often.  Continue with your routine….. and glance at that picture frequently through out your everyday life.  When you have lost a decent amount of inches/ body fat; take another picture.  You will be amazed at how your shaded picture starts to transform into your REAL body!!!!  Continue to take pictures every 3 weeks… you will have the “new you” in no time!

     To most, these pictures seem silly.  However, when you start losing weight, inches, and body fat; it’s such a fun, motivating tool to keep you going to the gym everyday!!!  Sometimes something as small as a picture can help change your life, your attitude, and perspective on fitness. 

Adria Ali


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