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February 25, 2008

Are You Holding Yourself Back?


     You’ve all seen those people at the gym… hanging out, leisurely doing their weights and cardio.  They seem to be there passing the time so they can say they “went to the gym.”  It’s almost as if going to the gym has become some status symbol.  However, going to the gym definitely doesn’t mean that you are getting results!  Are you your own worst enemy???  Are you haphazardly going through the motions without any destination or REAL goal? 

     You remember the times when you worked out hard… and had a vision of the body you wanted.  Working hard, most people achieved that type of body at one point in their lives; only to take it for granted.  Eventually, you began to eat more and more of what YOU wanted, instead of eating the foods you were supposed to eat.  Slowly but surely, you began to lose your definition and pack on the pounds.  Over this time you probably got older and more comfortable.  In this comfort state, (caused by marriage, relationships, work, or laziness) you LOST ALL MOTIVATION to be truly fit

      Many people lose their motivation at some time or another.  However, it’s up to you to regain control of your life and not lose focus of what makes you feel good about yourself.


  1. Leave your cell in the locker (unless you need it near for work related stuff)
  2. Set at least one personal fitness goal for the day(BEFORE you get to the gym).  It could be something as simple as doing 2 extra minutes on cardio OR increasing your repetitions by 2 on each set.
  3. Find a picture of YOU (not a model) where you looked your best.  Put it on your wall, or fridge … somewhere that you will see it everyday.
  4. Allow for plenty of rest.  Not only do you need sleep, you also need to stager your workouts.  You can’t beat yourself into the ground every single time you go to the gym.  Pick days when you will REALLY push yourself to your breaking point at the gym.  Every other day is a good goal. 
  5. Find ways to motivate yourself into better shape.  Buy a size smaller pair of jeans, buy something with each little goal you hit, keep track of your progress. 

     Everyone slacks off now and again.  As long as you don’t lose focus of your goals then you are sure to have success in fitness and SHOW IT.

Adria Ali


February 20, 2008

EAT Less With Portion Pals

     With all the large portions out there… very few people know what a “true” portion really is!  It’s very rare to see someone actually measure their food with measuring cups and weight scales.  When I ask people what they are eating and HOW MUCH they usually give me rough figures.  I always give tips for “eye balling” portion sizes, however these portion pals would make my job SO much easier!!  Change your portions, change you pants size…. they are directly related! 

Deprivation isn’t the goal here- it’s eating the typical diet that you have but eating in proper proportions and also proper PORTIONS. A lot of what the diet aides— read programs like Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers— focus on is portion control.
Here’s an easier method that lots of celeb types (Halle Berry, Kelly Clarkson, Jessica Alba, Mya, Tori Spelling, Joey Fatone, Brooke Hogan and more) use to control their eating habits and also their weight. It’s

Portionpals® are 5-pack translucent discs that show you the correct portion sizes for meat, chicken, fish, side dishes and dessert. You put a piece of chicken in the rectangle on the chicken portionpal®.

If it is larger than the portion indicated, you cut it to fit and get the proper serving size. Microwavable and dishwasher safe, these disks even double as cutting boards (credit).”

It’s so cool that it’s been featured on Extra!, the television show     This little tool could make losing weight MUCH easier!!!   If you are tacking your calories then all you would have to do is cut the meat to the size, weigh it ONCE, and then figure out the calories…. you should never have to measure again!  I am going to refer this to ALL my clients!

Adria Ali

February 19, 2008

If You’re Gonna Do It…. Pizza Hut

     We all know that we aren’t supposed to eat pizza BUT if you are out with friends and you don’t get to chose the restaurant; what should you do???  When going to pizza hut here is what to eat and what NOT to eat……

Eat This

Two Slices of THIN‘N Crispy Pizza (Canadian bacon & Pineapple)

ham-pizza.jpg    360 calories / 12 grams of fat / 1,140 mg of sodium


TWO Slices of Supreme Pan Pizza

supreme-pizza.jpg    620 Calories / 32 grams of fat / 1,440 mg of sodium

(“Eat This Not That”)

      Everyone splurges now and again.  However, you can still be smart when you are out with friends and family.  REMEMBER, when eating pizza THIN crust will ALWAYS be a better choice.  Never underestimate how many calories and fat are in the crust of the pizza! 

Adria Ali

February 13, 2008

Feel The Burn In The Pool


     When you are faced with injuries, the best place to burn calories is in the Pool!  This form or exercise allows you to move somewhat weightless, without putting pressure on your joints.  If you know someone who HATES to workout because they can’t stand to be overheated .. then the pool could whip them into shape quick!  These new ankle weights for the pool could add that extra weight you need to mix up your cardio routine and keep it interesting. 

     “Swimming is one of the greatest types of cardio because you can work your body, but you never have to worry about getting too hot. After doing laps, while my muscles are warmed up, I like to do some strength training moves while I’m still in the pool. If you strap on these Aqua Power Ankle Swim Weights ($38.33), you can feel an amazing burn with the water exercises you already do, like leg lifts, walking in the water, or you can hold onto the edge of the pool and kick. They’re great if you like running on the bottom of the pool, or deep water running. The cool thing about these weights is that they come with five, one pound weights for each ankle, so you can add or remove as many as you want, and change them easily between exercises. They’re great if you’re bored in the pool and want to try something new. You’ll strengthen and tone your muscles and make an already tough workout a little bit more challenging (credit)”

     If you have tried everything to get your loved one fit, but you just can’t seem to motivate them onto the elliptical; then maybe it’s time you enticed them with a “nice dip in the pool.”  They can still get a great workout and feel energized for their day.  If you are facing an injury, don’t stop working out… just work out smarter!!!  Low impact exercises can still give you great results without ruining your routine!

Adria Ali

February 12, 2008

An Easy Way To Consume Less Calories At Night

     The hardest calories to control (for most) are at night.  We all know that overeating your calories in the evening can either make or break your weight loss regiment.  So what is a girl (or guy) to do if they just can’t seem to manage their eating when the sun starts to goes down???  Here are a couple of tips to help you consume less and gain back yourself esteem for the spring. 

Whoa … how true is this commercial!???  It makes you think twice before “proceeding to the next window.”

  • Eat more calories during the day.  Eating more calories during the day helps you to manage your calories at night.  Not to mention, that eating more calories during the day give you more time to burn them off so you don’t store them as fat!!!!
  • Eat off of a BLUE plate (or dishes).  BLUE is the least appetising color.  


“Blue is one of the least appetising. Blue food is rare in nature. Blue-coloured food is repulsive to humans for the reason that when your ancestors searched for food, they learned to avoid toxic or spoiled objects, which were often blue, black, or purple. During experiments, when participants were served with food dyed blue, they lost appetite.

Blue relaxes your nervous system. It has a sobering effect on the mind and is capable of being the symptomatic cause of people to be more contemplative, which is the opposite reaction as red. Peaceful, tranquil blue, which is a beneficial colour for bedrooms, causes the body to produce calming chemicals. Darker shades of blue, however, are capable of being experienced as cold and depressing.

Blue surroundings, if not too dark, increase productivity. Studies show that students score higher, weightlifters lift heavier weights in blue rooms. People retain more when reading information written in blue text (credit)”

  • No one Really wants to take pills at night HOWEVER.  If you had the choice between a lean body, or a body covered by a layer of fat (due to excess eating).  Would you take the darn pill??!  Of course you would!!!  If the blue plate doesn’t curb your appetite then maybe it’s time you tried to use Hoodia at night.  This new supplement made from a succulent plant is all natural and has been used by the African bushmen for hundreds of years.  It has the ability to keep you full without any chemicals or stimulants… perfect for the night time when people tend to binge eat.  For more information on Hoodia … Check out the article I worte last month!  Just type Hoodia into the search engine in the right hand corner!
  • Drink Your Water!  I know you have heard it a million times… but I’m telling you again.  Drinking water keeps you full and thin.  It also keep your body healthy (since you’re flushing out the toxins), and your skin clear! 
  • GO TO BED EARLY!  People get hungry late in the evening because their body is struggling to stay awake.  It needs more energy to stay up late so it forces you to eat more. 

     My clients at the gym are my inspriration for most of my articles written on this web site.  This website is for the clients (you reading), by the clients.   I hope these tips help you on your way to a healthier leaner body… one tip at a time.

 Adria Ali

February 6, 2008

Picture Your Weight Loss


     When you start working out; people never fathom how much they are going to change.  When you get up in the morning and look at yourself in the mirror, day after day, you have no idea how much you’re REALLY changing.  Sure, people will comment on how much you have lost, how good you look, or how much muscle definition you have gained.  However, because you are so used to looking at “you,” it’s hard to see it in yourself.  The best way to measure your loss (besides the scale, inches and body fat), is through pictures! 

     There a many different ways to measure your progress through pictures.  One of the best ways is to do incremental pictures of yourself.  Before you start your life change; take a “before picture.”  I know it’s a painful thing to do BUT DO IT ANYWAY (you’ll thank me later).  Take a picture every three weeks to chart your success.  Three weeks is just enough time for your body to register a change. 

    If  you have already started working out, then take a picture of yourself at your heaviest weight (before starting your routine).  Find existing pictures to chart your weight/ body fat loss.  This shouldn’t be too hard.  Next, take a picture of where you are now.  Try to take a picture in either tight clothing or less clothing.  This will help you to see all of your changes.  Make sure that the pictures are full body shots.  If you don’t have any before pictures that show your whole body …. then just base it off of what you have. 

    Another smart idea (if you don’t want to do increments) is to take a picture of yourself at your heaviest weight (preferably a full body shot).  Next, look at the parts of your body you want to change.  Shade in the parts of your body that you want to get rid of.  Put that new shaded picture somewhere that you will see it often.  Continue with your routine….. and glance at that picture frequently through out your everyday life.  When you have lost a decent amount of inches/ body fat; take another picture.  You will be amazed at how your shaded picture starts to transform into your REAL body!!!!  Continue to take pictures every 3 weeks… you will have the “new you” in no time!

     To most, these pictures seem silly.  However, when you start losing weight, inches, and body fat; it’s such a fun, motivating tool to keep you going to the gym everyday!!!  Sometimes something as small as a picture can help change your life, your attitude, and perspective on fitness. 

Adria Ali

February 5, 2008

Virtual Fitness – Brought To You By Wii Fitness

       The age of sitting on the couch and playing video games IS OVER!!!  Now with the new Wii Nintendo system, kids and adults must get off the couch and into the virtual world of video games and FITNESS!  This invention is ingenious! 

       If you don’t know what the Wii is…. it is a new Nintendo system that integrates physical activity with video games.  Now, instead of controlling the game via joystick; you actually move your body and hands to control the game. 

      Nintendo has become even more high tech and added a fitness component to the Wii games.  Wii “Fit” is coming soon.  This new game integrates a new “balance board.”  This new system integrates a lot of CORE exercises as well as yoga, dance, strength training, etc.

      “The balance board will also take measurements of your body and plot your fitness level over time. If you are feeling extra competitive you can compare your progress with other members of your household. Sometimes a little friendly competition is in order (credit).”

      Watch the trailer… if you are anything like me you will want this new system as soon as possible!!

      If you are struggling to keep your kids active, then this is the system for you!  It’s a fun, interactive way to keep your kids moving without them hating you. 

Adria Ali

February 4, 2008

Getting Help At The Gym


     Gyms can be very confusing at times.  The average gym goer has no idea how to use the equipment to it’s fullest extent.  From the cables, to the machines, to the dumbbells and cardio equipment; how in the world would anyone know how to use this stuff?!  Even reading magazines and looking on line doesn’t seem to help very much.  If you are lacking the knowledge or the confidence to use equipment that is unfamiliar then maybe it’s time you admitted defeat and asked for help! 


    ASK AN EMPLOYEE!  Most gyms have trainers in the facilities now.  If yours doesn’t, then there should always be an employee around to help you out at some point. 

     * Trainer Tip – If a trainer is with a client…. chances are they aren’t going to have much time to really explain a machine or exercise.  Avoid asking them when they are training someone.  You will get a lot more information if you find one that isn’t busy.


    ASK A GYM MEMBER.  Gym members love to help others.  Not only does it boost their self esteem (because they know more then other gym members); they generally like helping others. 

     * Trainer Tip– Just because a gym member “looks good” doesn’t mean they actually know the proper form for the exercise.  If you are using something besides a machine, then go to a trainer so you know your form is correct.

      DON’T BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR A SPOTTER!  I can’t urge this enough!!!!  I don’t know how many times I have had to sprint to another member (while training); to pull a heavy barbell off another members chest.  If you are doing heavy weight then get a spotter (trainer or another gym member)

     *Trainer Tip–  If you know that the weight you are going to be lifting is challenging …. lighten the weight a little (if you are too embarassed to get a spotter).


     TAKE A CLASS.  If you aren’t familiar with the weights (dumbbells and barbells), then take one of the many weight training classes the gym offers.  This will help you to learn different free weight exercises so you can be confident on your own.  You might even like the class and continue to do it for fun!

     Working out at the gym shouldn’t be difficult!  If you are confused then maybe it’s time you opened up, let your guard down, and ask for help.  You never know, you might make some new friends, get a date, or find an trainer that is helpful and attentive! 

Adria Ali

February 1, 2008

Pizza Calorie Breakdown


      America loves pizza!  Whether it’s for dinner, lunch, or a late night snack; pizza is the junk food choice of many.  SO how bad is pizza?  Look at this article before you clog your arteries with this horrible comfort food this weekend!

Item Calories Fat (g) Sat. Fat (g) Sodium (mg.) Carbs (g) Sugar (g) Protein (g)
2 of 8 equal slices of cheese pizza (14-inch Large) 480 18 7 940 84 8 24
1 of 8 equal slices of Oreo Dessert Pizza 120 4 1 110 20 8 2
TOTAL (2 slices cheese pizza, 1 slice Oreo Pizza) 600 22 8 1,050 104 16 26


    As if pizza wasn’t bad enough before; Domino’s created a dessert pizza!  Oreo pizza, is the newest addition to the Domino’s menu.  This calorie break down doesn’t seem that bad… however, how many people do you know that only eat 1 or 2 slices of pizza??  Most men can eat a whole medium pizza with now problem. 


    The worst thing about the pizza isn’t the calories or fat (even though they are pretty bad), it’s the SODIUM!!!  Your daily intake of sodium is  2,300 mg per day.  One slice of dessert pizza has 1,090 mgs!  If the fat doesn’t bloat you for several days after then the sodium will!  If you think you are doing 1 “cheat day,” it could take you 2-3 days to recover from the increased sodium!  

   Keep in mind that this is the calorie break down for cheese pizza without any meat toppings!  This is Pepperonie pizza….

Calories 250
(Kilojoules 1045)
    % DV**
Total Fat 10.5 g 16%
   Sat. Fat 4 g 20%
   Trans Fat 0 g  
Cholesterol 15 mg 5%
Sodium 475 mg 20%
Total Carbs. 30 g 10%
   Dietary Fiber 1 g 4%
   Sugars 4 g  
Protein 11 g  
Calcium 80 mg  

 Deep Dish Deluxe Pizza

Calories 450
(Kilojoules 1881)
    % DV**
Total Fat 24 g 37%
   Sat. Fat 10 g 50%
   Trans Fat 0 g  
Cholesterol 35 mg 12%
Sodium 1240 mg 52%
Total Carbs. 45 g 15%
   Dietary Fiber 6 g 24%
   Sugars 3 g  
Protein 18 g  
Calcium 270 mg  

       If you are going to eat pizza then try to get thin crust, cheese only.  Try to limit how many pieces you have and make sure to drink A LOT of water to flush out the sodium.  Personally, I’ll pass on the saturated fat, sodium, and excess calories!  Eat smart so you can eat more!

Adria Ali

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