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January 31, 2008

Your Questions Answered!

      Since I have started this website I have received A LOT of questions from readers regarding fitness and diet.  I usually repond to these questions via email.  However I think that my readers would benefit from this information.  So here are some of your questions answered!!!

Judy wrote….

“Hi, I also have an inverted triangle shaped body and I find it to be truly challenging to make myself look proportioned. My upper body develops extremely quick and if I try to lose size in my upper my legs lose size as well, I guess because i carry more body fat on top and to lose it I diet , weight train and cardio. How can I keep the size on my legs or even put on more size and lose some of the upper? HELP”

Answer:     First of all, thanks for writing Judy.  In response to your question… The inverted triangle body shape is a tough body shape to work with.  However, I have trained a lot of people with this body type.  The best way to balance out your legs with your upper body is to train your legs with heavy weight.  Try to do 10-12 repetitions (3-4 sets).  Heavy weight will help you to increase the muscle mass in your legs.  As far as your upper body goes; do light weight with high amounts of repetitions.  High reps would be 15-20 reps.  The resting period will be longer when doing your legs (45 sec -1 min).  The upper body resting periods will be 20-30 sec.  Even though this sounds like a lot of work … it will benefit you in the end.   One more thing; don’t get im patient … you will lose body fat off your legs first… then lastly you will lose from your upper body… give your body time to change while you continue to add muscle to your legs.

Bianca Wrote…

“Hi Adria,Is it true that in order to gain muscle mass you must eat as much protein as your body weight?”

Answer:  Too much protein (if not used to build muscle) can cause weight gain (fat gain).  If you over eat your protein, and you aren’t hitting the weights hard enough to stimulate muscle gain then you can actually gain fat!!!  For women I would recommend eating about half of your body weight in protein.  This will ensure that you don’t over eat your protein.  For Men … eat a bit more… half your weight PLUS another 20 grams. 

Nee Nee Wrote….

” My dilemma is I work the graveyard shift and I go to sleep when I get home. I am confused about what to eat when. I have gained nearly 20 pounds in just 8 months due to this change in my work hours. I am looking for any suggestions and menu ideas. Thanks much

Answer:   If you work at night and have experienced weight gain then chances are… your eating too much due to your night schedual.  You should treat your day (night) the same as it was during the day shift.  Wake up .. eat breakfast.  Then have a small snack.  Lunch, snack, then dinner.  Chances are by the time you get off work you are craving comfort foods (high in carbs) so that you can fall asleep.  This is the WRONG MOVE.  Eating high carb, starchy foods before bed is a HUGE MISTAKE.  Cut the carbs out before you go to bed.  This way you won’t store them as body fat. 

     In the past, the clients that I have trained that work night shift… lack physcial exercise as well.  You need to work in exercise.  Treat your night as if it was a normal day.  Otherwise, the weight will continue to stack on with lack of exercise. 

Thank You for all your postive feed back… here are some comments from some loyal readers!

Thank you Adria for the tip. Herbal is the way. I’ll replace Chayenne in my recipes that call for black pepper. The Cayenne will go on the dinner table tonight. Nothing like spicing up dinner! — Diane”

That was a great article! Very informative!!!  — Allison  (Top Ten Worst Fast Food Choices)”

That was so informative! You have the best fitness site! — Bianca (Is Lack Of Sleep Making You Fat?)”

” I must admit I tired Weight Watchers and losted over 70lbs and of course gained it all back. The points system does work wonders but you are not taught how to eat correctly, so if and when you stop the weight comes back. The only exercising I was doing was walking around the Rose Bowl,Golf Course and Soccer Field, which is about 3 1/2miles. Now I’m doing it totally different, working out at 24hr fitness with you Adria, watching my calories, carbs and fat, tracking my food and wearing the Bodybugg and Digital Watch. Both keep me on track, because I know you check up on me. I even got my sister to get them both and she loves them. Thanks, Adria for recommending that I get them both. You are my rock. —- Brenda (Weight Watchers Diet Review)”

Did you have to ruin my day!!!! There are a couple of them that I wouldn’t eat but there are some that I would. I know there is a burger by Ruby Tuesday’s and I believe it is over 2000 calories just for the burger. Can I get a “HOLY CRAP”, well thanks for the info.  — Hank ( 10 Worst Fast Food Choices)

This is a great tool!! I just received one for chirstmas from my husband. I had no idea I was supposed to drink 79oz of water a day. In the past if you would of told me that I would have just laughed. The first day I tested it out I drank only 21% of my intake and was amazed at how little I was drinking, but by the second day I challenged myself to reach the goal. Now only a few days later my husband mentioned how clear my skin looks. Who knew after years of prescriptions and facial cleansers all I really needed was to drink the appropriate amount of water!!—- Cherine (The Worlds Smartest Water Bottle).”

” OMG!!!   We love This Article!!!! — Alex (Black Book Of Hollywood)”

    Thank you for all of your comments and quesions; it makes writting these artical all worth while!  Keep on moving, and keep on reading! 

Adria Ali


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