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January 26, 2008

Soak UP The Fat – With Grease Blotting Pads


     If you think your eating low fat now look at this new invention to lower your fat consumption even more.  This new invention created by mysticmaid literally sucks the fat out of your favorite foods through a blotting pad!  They even claim to soak up fat found in lean meats such as chicken breast.  Maybe the world won’t need alli pills if they buy this cost effective invention. 

“Grease Blotter by MysticMaid solves one of the messiest problems in the kitchen. It quickly and easily absorbs the surface grease, fats and oils as food cooks while leaving the rest of the liquids. No more paper towels and sloppy straining. Grease Blotter is so versatile that it works on soups, stews and broths of all kinds. It also works equally well on pizza and so much more (credit)”

• Removes grease and fat by-products from cooking.
• Use on stews, soups, sauces and greasy foods.
• Absorbs the grease and leaves the goodness.
• Each sheet absorbs up to two tablespoons of oil
• Each pack contains 10 original MysticMaid Grease Blotters
• FDA Approved

     Since these sheets are made out of polypropylene they soak up to 4 times the amount of a standard paper towel.  If you have used the paper towel trick in the past to soak up excess oils; then just think how much more fat could be avoided using these pads!  The “Black Book Of Hollywood,” claims that these pads “show you how unnecessary all that gut- growing fat is – once you soak the needless calories away, your food still tastes great.”

     If you already watch your fat intake, then maybe it would be smart to keep some of these pads in your purse.  Save them for times when you want to go out to eat, but you don’t want the unnecessary fat.  We all know that typical restaurants add unwanted fat to practically everything.  Butter and oil are mixed into almost everything so that the customer walks away satisfied and full.  However, this unwanted fat can make you feel bloated and sluggish days after. 


Adria Ali



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