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January 9, 2008

JUST SAY NO! (to white foods)

       You thought I was going to say drugs didn’t you?  Nothing is worse then consuming a food only to find that by the following day it has settled on your hips, stomach or legs.  If you are at all conscious of your size or weight, then you know exactly what I mean.  If you aren’t sure what foods I am referring to then here is a list of “white” foods that should be avoided at all costs!

  • White Bread–  This evil food is widely used by sandwich makers all over the world, however the correct choice would be whole grain bread (or no bread at all 😉
  • White Rice –  White rice changes into sugar very quickly.  Brown rice should be used in its place!
  • White Potatoes–  We all love our potatoes, especially in the cold seasons when we want something warm and filling.  Yams should be used in its place.  Yams are a slow processing starch.  This allows the body time to use the carb instead of packing it onto your waiste line.
  • Rice Cakes–  We all know they are low in calories; but does that make them good for you?  NO!  They process just as quickly as the evil white bread.  They have the ability to pack on the pounds.  If you must have rice cakes then try buying the brown rice cakes instead.
  • Sugar–  Stay away from anything with refined sugar such as, soda, candy and desserts.
  • Cream Sauces– This should be obvious however, most people tend to over look this one.  If it’s made with cream then it is made with saturated fat.  Saturated fat tends to get stored easily.  This applies to gravy, Alfredo sauce, cream soups, etc. 
  • High Fat Milk Products–  Obviously, ice creams, cream cheese (the regular one), cheeses, high fat yogurts, etc.

      If you already eat a lot of these foods and you choose to cut them out of your diet, I guarantee that you will drop inches and body fat FAST!  Sometimes changing your diet in little ways can mean BIG results! 

Adria Ali


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