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January 6, 2008

Working Out For Your Body Type

      Everyone is different; so why has the fitness industry generalized workout plans?  If you walk into the gym to see a trainer (a good one who is educated) … I guarantee that the trainer will take one look at you and know what kind out workout you should be doing and what foods haunt you at night.  However, the average person has no idea why they have “stubborn belly fat,”  “saddle bags,” a “barrel” type body, or excess fat on their upper body and back.    Read through these 4 body types to find out which one you are.


 1.)”Mesomorph: These people have a high muscle-to-fat ratio and tend to have hourglass-shaped bodies. The best exercises for mesomorphs include activities that require strength, power and endurance such as: football, baseball, martial arts, boxing, wrestling, weight lifting, shot-put, discus, long jump, ice skating, ice hockey, water polo, sprinting events in track and field and swimming, springboard diving, gymnastics, and tumbling.  

           – Only a small amount of women have this shape; if you’re not careful, then your hourglass can turn into a mason jar really quick.  People with this body type tend to have a pretty even split between craving sugar of fat….. most like them together 😉  Avoid unbalanced meals.  This can change you’re envious shape into a problem really quick!  Focus on full body routines and circuit training. 

2.)” Endomorph: This group has a higher fat-to-muscle ratio. They tend to be pear-shaped (spoon), round and soft. Endomorphs do well in all types of middle-distance or moderate intensity activities such as: swimming, synchronized swimming, dance or brisk walking. They are also well-suited for the individual sports of martial arts, tennis, archery, bowling, sailing, golf, softball, hiking, snorkeling, scuba diving, water-skiing and middle-distance field events. 

              – Avoid High Fat Foods… they are the enemy for your type of body.  Increase your omega fatty acids and you will successful curb your appetite for fried foods.  Focus on strengthening your legs to burn up tons of calories!   These people have a tendencey towards cellulite, and saddle bags.


3.)”Ectomorph: these bodies are long and rectangular-shaped, typically low in weight and fat. They excel at long-distance events such as field sports, basketball, soccer, football (running back), ice hockey (offense), field hockey, track and field long-distance runs, pole vaulting, marathons, triathlons, swimming long distance, and cross-country running and skiing.   

     – This is the “Barrel”type body.  These people are usually prone to diabetes.  They crave carbs and sugars.  However, if you take out the sugars and control your carbs by eating only complex carbs … then weight loss should come quick and easy!  Take advantage of your endurance and do weight training that focuses on high repetitions with low weight. 

4.)” The final body type, the inverted triangle, is characterized by a top heavy appearance, with a full bust, waist, and upper back. They are less full in the hips and have a flat rear. The hips, thighs, buttocks and lower legs are smaller in proportion to the top half.

         –The goal for inverted triangles is to balance the upper and lower half and accentuate shapely arms and legs. This means doing more exercises for the lower body and to build up muscle.  However, for the upper body do endurance type weight training. 

There are 2 types of muscle (everyone has both types of muscle.  However, each person has different ratios).

      1.) Slow twitch-“Those with more slow-twitch muscles are better equipped to partake in moderate- to vigorous-intensity, long-duration exercises such as those defined for ectomorphs (like basketball).

      2.) Fast Twitch– Those with more fast-twitch muscles are well suited to high-intensity, short-duration exercises like those suggested for mesomorphs.

      *People with an equal number of both slow-twitch and fast-twitch fibers typically excel at middle-distance or moderate-intensity events, although they are typically competent in all types of sports or activities (credit).”

   Which one are you????  Have you been working out according to your body type?  If not, then it’s time you started.  This could mean better results and lower body fat in the long run. 

Adria Ali



  1. Your tips for today, are great. I guessed I was the inverted triangle, cuz I was top heavy, but not anymore. I know I still have a ways to go, but what a difference diet and exercise can really make. The Barbie Doll shape, I’ve seen before on some TV show, and you were right on point. I got a email about this lady with the smallest waist and she looked just like that, but it didn’t look normal. She looked deformed. Now I see why you have me lifting the weights and working so hard on my upper body,,you go

    Comment by Brenda — January 7, 2008 @ 8:19 am

  2. Hi, I also have an inverted triangle shaped body and I find it to be truly challenging to make myself look proportioned. My upper body developes extremely quick and if I try to lose size in my upper my legs lose size as well, I guess because i carry more body fat on top and to lose it I diet , weight train and cardio. How can I keep the size on my legs or even put on more size and lose some of the upper? HELP

    Comment by JUDY — January 31, 2008 @ 7:07 am

  3. am an hour glass BUT the front of my tummy has a ever last pudge and my head looks small, what can i do about my head uhhh! i mean pudge

    Comment by saj — May 5, 2008 @ 9:42 am

  4. Wow! Great read. Thanks for the info. I actually recently started my own Bodybuilding blog specifically for HardGainers (Ectomorphs). Hopefully you can check it out at!

    Comment by Jason — June 5, 2008 @ 4:51 pm

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