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January 5, 2008

The Black Book Of Hollywood Diet Secrets – Book Review



     Have you ever wondered how the celebrities stay so thin regardless of their high profile dinners and parties?  This book claims to be the port hole to celebrity diet secrets and exercises.  Personally, I can’t wait to rush out and buy this book so I can test it all out! 

     The book includes some blind sections to test how well you know your favorite celebrities ……

              ”  What twenty-something starlet, afraid of losing her edge as one of the hottest bodies in Hollywood, does this little trick? Despite always being spotted at the trendiest restaurants in town like Mr. Chow and Cut, she stays thin by quietly ordering only from the appetizer menu. She asks for it to be served as a main course with her guests’ much larger meals. She’s saving calories and adding some career longevity?”

           Not sure?  Neither am I!  However…. other websites have guessed Linsey Lohan or Jessica Alba (credit).

Here’s Another

          ”  What A-list, blond babe and major starlet du jour is so into her figure that she has gone one step beyond not eating? If a crew member, or costar dares to pack a bagel or even a carrot stick around Ms. Thin Thing, she will have her personal assistant sweetly announce that they and their food will have to move it along to friendlier quarters. The line used the most to get rid of those who pack snacks: “There is no eating around her. No eating! Those are the rules (credit)!’

      You’ll have to read the book to find out what the answer is for this one…..there wasn’t an answer listed.

“The Tinseltown insiders spill the beans on some of the best kept secrets for slimming down; like how Heidi Klum and Cindy Crawford have a salad dressed with vinegar before going out to eat because it acts as an appetite suppressant.

     It was also intriguing to learn eating prunes helps prevent wrinkles and eases bloat, a tip Sharon Stone and Demi Moore have known for a while. The authors also offer great recipes for healthy snacks and meals, simple at-home exercise routines and even the outline for a cookie based diet. Yes, seriously. New mothers will be very interested to learn how A-list moms bounce back to their former shapes so soon after giving birth (credit).”

     The book retails for 15.00 dollars in bookstores.  A small price to pay for some big diet secrets.  If you have’t figured out how to eat yet; don’t worry, you’re favorite star has.

Adria Ali 


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