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January 3, 2008

Is Your Late Night Snacking Ruining Your Body?


       Most people can be “good” all day.  So why is it that people struggle so much at night?  The majority of my clients have a HUGE problem at night.  At this point in my career I can mearly look at people and tell you what is wrong with their eating, just based on how they are storing fat.  75% of the people that come to me are there because of what they consume at night. 

       The old saying “you are what you eat”  really is true.  If you eat the fat then chances are you will be fat.  Doesn’t sound complicated right?  Then why is the world’s biggest new years resolution to LOSE WEIGHT? 

Here’s Why

* You don’t burn many calories at night…. so why would you eat a heavy meal when you aren’t going to use it?

*  If you only eat 1-2 total times during the day they you will have NO CONTROL when you get to your last meal.  You will have essentially starved your body all day (whether you felt hungry or not).

* BURN WHAT YOU EAT.  If your heaviest meal is dinner then go to the gym right after.  If it’s breakfast then GREAT; you have all day to burn it off!  However, you have a better chance of burning off the calories if they are eaten early in the day 😉

*  DESSERT SHOULDN’T BE EATEN EVERY NIGHT.  We have been brainwashed by commercials to think that dessert is an everyday event.  It shouldn’t be!  Dessert is for special occasions…. it’s not a ritual.

    If you can control what you eat at night then you will have huge success with your new years resolution and for life!  Try it… then write and let me know how you’re doing!  Your feedback is important! 

Adria Ali


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