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January 31, 2008

Your Questions Answered!

      Since I have started this website I have received A LOT of questions from readers regarding fitness and diet.  I usually repond to these questions via email.  However I think that my readers would benefit from this information.  So here are some of your questions answered!!!

Judy wrote….

“Hi, I also have an inverted triangle shaped body and I find it to be truly challenging to make myself look proportioned. My upper body develops extremely quick and if I try to lose size in my upper my legs lose size as well, I guess because i carry more body fat on top and to lose it I diet , weight train and cardio. How can I keep the size on my legs or even put on more size and lose some of the upper? HELP”

Answer:     First of all, thanks for writing Judy.  In response to your question… The inverted triangle body shape is a tough body shape to work with.  However, I have trained a lot of people with this body type.  The best way to balance out your legs with your upper body is to train your legs with heavy weight.  Try to do 10-12 repetitions (3-4 sets).  Heavy weight will help you to increase the muscle mass in your legs.  As far as your upper body goes; do light weight with high amounts of repetitions.  High reps would be 15-20 reps.  The resting period will be longer when doing your legs (45 sec -1 min).  The upper body resting periods will be 20-30 sec.  Even though this sounds like a lot of work … it will benefit you in the end.   One more thing; don’t get im patient … you will lose body fat off your legs first… then lastly you will lose from your upper body… give your body time to change while you continue to add muscle to your legs.

Bianca Wrote…

“Hi Adria,Is it true that in order to gain muscle mass you must eat as much protein as your body weight?”

Answer:  Too much protein (if not used to build muscle) can cause weight gain (fat gain).  If you over eat your protein, and you aren’t hitting the weights hard enough to stimulate muscle gain then you can actually gain fat!!!  For women I would recommend eating about half of your body weight in protein.  This will ensure that you don’t over eat your protein.  For Men … eat a bit more… half your weight PLUS another 20 grams. 

Nee Nee Wrote….

” My dilemma is I work the graveyard shift and I go to sleep when I get home. I am confused about what to eat when. I have gained nearly 20 pounds in just 8 months due to this change in my work hours. I am looking for any suggestions and menu ideas. Thanks much

Answer:   If you work at night and have experienced weight gain then chances are… your eating too much due to your night schedual.  You should treat your day (night) the same as it was during the day shift.  Wake up .. eat breakfast.  Then have a small snack.  Lunch, snack, then dinner.  Chances are by the time you get off work you are craving comfort foods (high in carbs) so that you can fall asleep.  This is the WRONG MOVE.  Eating high carb, starchy foods before bed is a HUGE MISTAKE.  Cut the carbs out before you go to bed.  This way you won’t store them as body fat. 

     In the past, the clients that I have trained that work night shift… lack physcial exercise as well.  You need to work in exercise.  Treat your night as if it was a normal day.  Otherwise, the weight will continue to stack on with lack of exercise. 

Thank You for all your postive feed back… here are some comments from some loyal readers!

Thank you Adria for the tip. Herbal is the way. I’ll replace Chayenne in my recipes that call for black pepper. The Cayenne will go on the dinner table tonight. Nothing like spicing up dinner! — Diane”

That was a great article! Very informative!!!  — Allison  (Top Ten Worst Fast Food Choices)”

That was so informative! You have the best fitness site! — Bianca (Is Lack Of Sleep Making You Fat?)”

” I must admit I tired Weight Watchers and losted over 70lbs and of course gained it all back. The points system does work wonders but you are not taught how to eat correctly, so if and when you stop the weight comes back. The only exercising I was doing was walking around the Rose Bowl,Golf Course and Soccer Field, which is about 3 1/2miles. Now I’m doing it totally different, working out at 24hr fitness with you Adria, watching my calories, carbs and fat, tracking my food and wearing the Bodybugg and Digital Watch. Both keep me on track, because I know you check up on me. I even got my sister to get them both and she loves them. Thanks, Adria for recommending that I get them both. You are my rock. —- Brenda (Weight Watchers Diet Review)”

Did you have to ruin my day!!!! There are a couple of them that I wouldn’t eat but there are some that I would. I know there is a burger by Ruby Tuesday’s and I believe it is over 2000 calories just for the burger. Can I get a “HOLY CRAP”, well thanks for the info.  — Hank ( 10 Worst Fast Food Choices)

This is a great tool!! I just received one for chirstmas from my husband. I had no idea I was supposed to drink 79oz of water a day. In the past if you would of told me that I would have just laughed. The first day I tested it out I drank only 21% of my intake and was amazed at how little I was drinking, but by the second day I challenged myself to reach the goal. Now only a few days later my husband mentioned how clear my skin looks. Who knew after years of prescriptions and facial cleansers all I really needed was to drink the appropriate amount of water!!—- Cherine (The Worlds Smartest Water Bottle).”

” OMG!!!   We love This Article!!!! — Alex (Black Book Of Hollywood)”

    Thank you for all of your comments and quesions; it makes writting these artical all worth while!  Keep on moving, and keep on reading! 

Adria Ali


January 29, 2008

Is Your Lack Of Sleep Making You Fat?


      It’s winter time and the sun goes down early.  People tend to curl up on the couch instead of doing bicep curls in the gym.  However, just because the sun is going to bed, doesn’t mean that Americans are.  Even with the recent writer’s strike… people still tend to find some way to stay up late.  What does lack of sleep do to your weight and waist line?  Is staying up late to watch your favorite re -run really worth your time; or is it just making you fat????

What Happens When YOU Fall Asleep:  Important hormones are released when you sleep.  Among them is a VERY important one called “human growth hormone.”  This is the one that all of the athletes and celebrities are taking to stay gorgeous and fit!  It is said that growth hormone is released in the highest quantities between the hours of 12 – 2.  If you aren’t sleeping at this time then you have REALLY missed out on your “beauty sleep.” 

     Other very important hormones are released in your sleep..Leptin and Ghrelin.  “Leptin, which is released by fat cells, signals the brain to stop eating. Ghrelin, which is made in the stomach, is a signal to keep eating. The two influence whether you go for a second helping or push yourself away from the table (credit).” 

“Studies have shown that leptin levels are lower and ghrelin levels are higher in people who sleep fewer hours,”

(That means that you seriously decrease your internal off switch….. your body doesn’t know when to stop eating!!! )

Research Has shown that lack of sleep can affect your childeren as well…..


“They were surprised to discover that it wasn’t how much TV a child watched, but how much sleep the child got, that best predicted whether he or she was overweight,” says Dinges. “The less children slept, the heavier they were.”


“Researchers at Columbia University in New York City found that people who slept six hours a night were 23 percent more likely to be obese than people who slept between seven and nine hours. Those who slept five hours were 50 percent more likelywhile those who slept four hours or less were 73 percent more likely–to be obese (credit).”

Increased Blood Sugar Levels Have Been Related To Lack Of Sleep

     If you though America was in trouble before… they have linked High Blood sugar levels to people who suffer from lack of sleep. 


“When the University of Chicago’s Eve Van Cauter and her colleagues limited 11 healthy men in their 20s to four hours of sleep for six straight nights, “it brought them to a nearly prediabetic state.”

Their bodies were 40 percent less able to clear glucose from their blood and 30 percent slower in releasing insulin than when they were allowed to sleep for twelve hours. (3) In fact, four hours of sleep for six consecutive nights gave the young men the insulin sensitivity of 70- or 80-year-olds (credit).”

  Sometimes lack of sleep in unavoidable.  So what do you do if you just can’t relax enough at night to go to bed early? 

“Sleep problems generally are the result of a calcium/magnesium and/or a zinc/copper imbalance. These two ratios, of course, also determine your basal body metabolic rate (translate: how much fat you’ll burn every day.) If you get these two ratios into a healthy balance, you’ll have better ZZZZZs and lose Lbs. (as in pounds!)

Not Enough Magnesium

People with a magnesium deficiency suffer from “Type II insomnia.” They fall asleep easily but only experience a relatively short period of deep, restful sleep, that delicious time when your body is able to rebuild muscles, skin and bones. Most of the night they are trapped in light, useless sleep. They toss and they turn. Then, they wake up exhausted.

Ironically, people with too little magnesium in relation to calcium develop this trouble because they don’t have enough energy to sleep fitfully. Restful sleep requires a certain amount of energy to reach the stage of rejuvenating rest, which is characterized by rapid eye movement (REM). When you can’t maintain REM sleep for a prolonged period, fatigue eventually becomes chronic during your waking hours. (Your energy is zapped because you have too much calcium in relation to magnesium.)

People under stress are prone to this kind of insomnia because stress sops up all the magnesium it can find, creating a shortage.

Not Enough Calcium

Insomnia (the Type I kind) has been associated with calcium for centuries. Did your Momma serve you a warm glass of milk and cookies before bedtime?

People who don’t have enough calcium have two sleep-related problems. First, they have great difficulty falling asleep. In most cases this occurs because low tissue calcium produces irritability. They’re just too upset to be able to fall asleep.

Second, people with low calcium levels are plagued with muscle cramps at night. These painful cramps occur even without any real exertion during the day. A calcium to magnesium imbalance causes these muscles to remain in a constant state of contraction. Ouch!

Warm milk (without the cookies, of course) before bedtime can help people lacking calcium fall asleep faster. But more dietary changes are needed to deal with the muscle cramps.

Too much calcium:

Frequent urination at night is one symptom of too much calcium. When excess calcium settles in the muscles surrounding the bladder, it reduces the bladder’s holding capacity. Frequency and urgency are increased. It’s hard to have a good night’s sleep when you constantly have to get up and go.

Too much copper:

High copper levels affect the neurological system. They also stimulate the right side or creative hemisphere of the brain. (Artists typically have higher copper levels than electrical engineers.) Unfortunately, too much copper causes nightmares. Don’t eat chocolate, peanut butter or grapes before bedtime if you want to have sweet dreams.

So what’s weight loss have to do with this?

All four minerals are also crucial to the weight loss process. Calcium and copper can sedate or overstimulate the adrenal and thyroid glands, basically snuffing out your weight loss efforts with an ineffective metabolic rate. Fix the cal/mag and zinc/copper ratios and you can burn off those pounds, even while you sleep (credit).”

       If you’re worried about your overall health, weight, and mental well being, then it’s time you turned off the tv (use the DVR if you must) and cuddle up in bed with a book.  This will help to calm you down so you can get some restful sleep.  Two extra hours of tv a night are not worth the negative results you will have in the morning.  Keep yourself on a schedule.  Your body will thank you in the summer! 

Adria Ali

January 28, 2008

How Do YOU Weigh Up To The Stars?


      Everyone HATES the scale.  This one piece of equipment has the ability to either break OR make your day.  Some people detest the scale so much that they don’t even own one!  What if every time you stepped on the scale; instead of it telling you a number, it told you what celebrity weighs the same as you?  This new scale has hit the market and seems to have better reviews then the dreaded numeric scale. 

 “It seems everyone is obsessed about their weight these days. Too fat, too thin, size zero this, obese that. The whole weight debate is enough to make you want to smash up the bathroom scales and start again.

And that’s pretty much what the makers of the hilarious Celebrity Weighing Scales have done, because they’ve dispensed with traditional units of measurement and replaced them with the names of celebrities, historical figures and even a few calorifically-challenged fictional characters.

With these deeply ironic scales you get to compare your weight with the likes of Fozzie Bear, Mr Ed (yes, the talking horse!), Donald Trump’s Combover and even the Baby Jesus. Just think, with the Celebrity Weighing Scales in the bathroom you’ll be itching to step aboard, not dreading the prospect. After all numbers are so final, aren’t they?


Even if you couldn’t give a fig about your weight, you’ll want to use these scales every day just to see which iconic figure you’re currently on par with. Of course most of us would prefer to achieve parity with Stephen Hawking ( sans wheelchair ) or Goldie Hawn, not Ron Jeremy or Half of John Candy. But even if the reading isn’t to your liking, at least you’ll have a giggle looking. Besides, in today’s celeb-centric society it’s rather comforting to know you weigh the same as King Kong or the Karate Kid. Sort of.


Featuring a non-slip rubber surface and easy-to-read dial, Celebrity Weighing Scales are the perfect gift for anyone who can’t stop going on about newfangled diets, expanding/decreasing waistlines and so-and-so’s latest cash-in…sorry, workout video (credit).”

     If the scale wasn’t your favorite thing before …  at least this one will give you a laugh first thing in the morning!!! 

 Adria Ali

January 26, 2008

Soak UP The Fat – With Grease Blotting Pads


     If you think your eating low fat now look at this new invention to lower your fat consumption even more.  This new invention created by mysticmaid literally sucks the fat out of your favorite foods through a blotting pad!  They even claim to soak up fat found in lean meats such as chicken breast.  Maybe the world won’t need alli pills if they buy this cost effective invention. 

“Grease Blotter by MysticMaid solves one of the messiest problems in the kitchen. It quickly and easily absorbs the surface grease, fats and oils as food cooks while leaving the rest of the liquids. No more paper towels and sloppy straining. Grease Blotter is so versatile that it works on soups, stews and broths of all kinds. It also works equally well on pizza and so much more (credit)”

• Removes grease and fat by-products from cooking.
• Use on stews, soups, sauces and greasy foods.
• Absorbs the grease and leaves the goodness.
• Each sheet absorbs up to two tablespoons of oil
• Each pack contains 10 original MysticMaid Grease Blotters
• FDA Approved

     Since these sheets are made out of polypropylene they soak up to 4 times the amount of a standard paper towel.  If you have used the paper towel trick in the past to soak up excess oils; then just think how much more fat could be avoided using these pads!  The “Black Book Of Hollywood,” claims that these pads “show you how unnecessary all that gut- growing fat is – once you soak the needless calories away, your food still tastes great.”

     If you already watch your fat intake, then maybe it would be smart to keep some of these pads in your purse.  Save them for times when you want to go out to eat, but you don’t want the unnecessary fat.  We all know that typical restaurants add unwanted fat to practically everything.  Butter and oil are mixed into almost everything so that the customer walks away satisfied and full.  However, this unwanted fat can make you feel bloated and sluggish days after. 


Adria Ali


January 24, 2008

Not Eating and STILL Overweight!


       We all know those people who really do eat practically nothing, yet they are still overweight!  How is it possible that someone who eats practically nothing can be so overweight?  If this is you, or someone you know, then it’s time you found out why!   


     * AGING– When people are young they have a healthy, high metabolism.  So cutting their calories down to practically nothing worked to lose weight fast.  As you age your metabolism slows due to loss of muscle, which decreases your metabolism.  This decrease in your metabolism leads to increased fat gain. 

     * Starvation Mode:  When you don’t eat your body goes into “starvation” mode.”  Starvation mode causes your body to hold onto calories and store them as fat for famine. 


     *  Overeating The Wrong Foods:  When you wait 8-12 hours to eat, then when you do eat, you over consume the WRONG FOODS.  It doesn’t matter if you only ate 800 calories… if you waited all day to eat, then your body will hold on to all of those BAD calories. 


     *   LACK OF ENERGY:  Eating only 2 meals a day means you also lack energy.  You can’t have a productive, active day without fuel to move around.  This leads to bad cycles.  The cycle usually goes like this:  Wake up- drink caffeine>  wait till late afternoon- eat a high fat (late) lunch full of carbs >  work the rest of the day- eat a late , high fat, high carbs dinner > watch tv and fall asleep.  Then the cycle starts over.  4 out of 5 clients that come to the gym to train do this everyday! 


      If this is you then it’s time you started eating 3 main meals (moderate to small) in size and 2 snacks.  Try to keep them close together … eat every 3- 4 hours to increase your metabolism.

     WORKOUT!!!  If you want to rid yourself of this problem then you MUST put some muscle on so you can increase your calorie burning! 

 Adria Ali

January 23, 2008

Speed Up Your Metabolism With Pyruvate


     So you have spent years abusing your body… eating bad food, not exercising, forgetting portion sizes, yo-yo dieting, and sometimes not eating at all.  Now, it’s the new year and you are ready to look your best!  If you’re looking for a fat loss product that works, but doesn’t send you into convulsions then maybe it’s time you looked into Pyruvate. 

     Pyruvate is a safe choice when it comes to fat burners.  It naturally occurs in your body.  In simple terms; pyruvate is fuel for your metabolism.  Since your body already has pyruvate in your system; by adding more, you just increase how many calories you are able to burn.  The calorie burning cycle takes place inside your cells through a process known as the Krebs Cycle


Research indicates that pyruvate not only has great effects on weight loss by burning fat, but also stimulates energy for higher performance in exercise. Besides fat loss benefits, pyruvate enhances the transport of glucose and protein into muscle cells thereby boosting performance levels in exercise. It works by increasing amount of ATP available to the energy engines of cells, mitochondria, as well as inhibiting fat production. It can help bodybuilders get toned, cut, and have more energy.

“Whether you are looking for an endurance-boosting way to increase lean muscle mass, train harder at higher intensity, or trim off a few pounds (or more) by burning fat up to 48% faster (credit).”


      At least 6 grams per day should be taken in order to see results.  Although is huge controversy based on the dosage; this is a dose that I have used for years and I know it works!


     Since pyruvate is naturally occurring, it has very few side effects.  The main side effect is increased hunger.  So just make sure that you pay attention to your calorie intake while using this product.  In order to lose body fat and weight you have to consume less then you burn.  If you take this product and over eat you will not see any changes.

  The great thing about this product is that it can work for anyone!  Wheather you sit behind a desk all day or not you can still benefit from this product.  As a personal trainer I have had hundreds of clients use this product with GREAT results and NO SIDE EFFECTS!  If you just trying to lose that last 10 pounds or you are just starting out…. this is the product for everyone! 

Adria Ali


January 22, 2008

Ben and Jerry’s Calorie Breakdown


     You’ve all seen it … you’re watching tv, someone gets dumped or has a horrible day; they pop open the freezer and start shoveling in the “Ben and Jerry’s” ice cream.  Somehow, I think we have been brainwashed by television, friends, and relatives to think that this kind of behavior is the “norm.”  Heck, even Carrie from “sex and the city” does it!  If she does it and still looks like a rail afterwards, it must be ok right??!!!  So what happens if you decide that it’s ok for you to give into the subliminal messaging on tv ?  Here is the calorie breakdown for B&J ….

1/2 cup (1/4 of the pint) Calories Fat (g) Cholesterol (mg) Carbs (g) Sugars (g) Protein (g)
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 270 15 65 32 24 4
Cherry Garcia 250 14 60 26 22 4
Americone Dream 280 15 60 32 24 4
Mint Chocolate Chunk 270 17 65 26 24 4
Half Baked 280 14 50 34 26 5
Peanut Butter Cup 360 26 60 27 23 7
Vanilla Heath Bar Crunch 290 18 65 29 27 4
Chocolate Fudge Brownie 260 13 35 32 25 5
Butter Pecan 280 21 65 20 18 4
Creme Brulee 310 17 90 36 31 4
Karamel Sutra 270 14 50 32 27 4
Organic Strawberry 210 12 55 21 19 3
Organic Vanilla 220 14 65 18 16 3
Organic Sweet Cream & Cookies 250 15 60 18 19 4

OUCH!   Look at how much fat and calories are in just 1/2 a cup!!!!  If you are using the ice cream to numb your pain then you might need to buy a whole new wardrobe when you are done healing from that horrible break up or that stressful job!!!   If you are going to splurge then maybe eating the low fat Ben and Jerry’s will insure that you don’t lose your figure all together!!!!  Take a look….

1/2 cup (1/4 of the pint) Calories Fat (g) Cholesterol (mg) Carbs (g) Sugars (g) Protein (g)
Phish Food Low Fat Ice Cream 210 6 25 37 23 4
Strawberries & Cream Low Fat Ice Cream 150 2.5 25 29 24 3
Raspberry Chocolate Chunk Low Fat Ice Cream 180 5 25 32 24 3
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Low Fat Ice Cream 200 6 35 35 24 4
Half Baked Low Fat Frozen Yogurt 180 3 20 35 23 4
Chocolate Fudge Brownie Low Fat Frozen Yogurt 170 2.5 15 34 23 5
Cherry Garcia Low Fat Frozen Yogurt 160 3 15 31 20 4
Berried Treasure Sorbet 110 0 0 29 24 0
Jamaican Me Crazy Sorbet 130 0 0 33 28 0
Strawberry Kiwi Swirl Sorbet 110 0 0 28 24 0


    The light version is a WAY better choice.  However, don’t forget about the carbs.  If you are going to eat this many carbs at one time then try to do it before it gets dark.  Then, you will have time to burn off the excess carbs before you go to bed! 

Adria Ali

January 21, 2008

Abs Of Steel



       Everyone wants rock hard abs, but does anyone know what it really takes to get them?  Find out how to get great abs the “real” way, without all those fancey machines and gadgets. 

What It Takes!

   1.) Diet – If you want those washboard abs then you are going to have to eat lean to be lean!  Decrease your fat intake, take out all fatty cuts of meat and avoid excess sugar and cheeses. 

           “The yes list:

  • Water and cranberry juice will flush out toxins.
  • Vegetables.
  • Rice, corn, gluten-free products and potato.
  • Protein. Go for organic chicken and meat because they have less hormones and bacteria.
  • Low-GI foods. Look for the label on foods in supermarkets.
  • Fibre. It regulates your bowel movements so include wholegrain bread, cereal and nuts in your diet.

The no list:

  • Too much fruit, wheat and dairy can cause bloating. Don’t cut these out of your diet altogether, just reduce your servings to two a day.
  • Alcohol, caffeine and fizzy drinks.
  • Salt makes you retain water unnecessarily so stay away from processed (takeaway, packet) foods which are high in sodium.
  • Sugar.
  • Chillies and spices. While they can kick-start your metabolism, they can also upset your stomach, so just monitor your body’s reaction to spicy foods (credit).”

   2.) DROP BODY FAT –  If you don’t get your body fat down then you will never be able to see your abs.  It doesn’t matter how hard your abs are; if you can’t see them then you what is the point? 

    3.)  BURN EXCESS CALORIES – burning a lot of calories ensures that you body fat falls.  Burn more calories then you consume and you will always be losing.   To ensure that you burn excess calories do a cardio routine 4-5 days a week (30-40) minutes.  Also Add in weight training to ensure that you build muscle to increase your muscle mass (which burns 50 calories for every pound of muscle).


    4.)   Do Your Routine –  Most people who are concerned about their abs have some sort of “ab routine” that they do every day or every other day.  Most people are under the impression that it is the amount of repetitions that you preform that give you results.  However, testing has shown that it’s not the amount of crunches you do but how long it takes you to do them.  It’s the time that your muscle are continuously under tension that makes the difference overall. 

           *  When picking a routine…. chose 11 exercises (yes I said 11).  If you don’t know 11 exercises then go online and find 11 different exercises.  Now, do 20 -30 reps of each exercise (1 set) untill you finish 1 set of each.  Do this routine every other day. 

Basic crunch: Lie flat on your back, knees bent and feet flat on the ground. Put your hands behind your head for support only, not to take any weight. Using your stomach muscles only, rise a few inches off the ground, hold for three seconds and return to your starting position.

Standing twist: Stand tall and hold a towel or resistance band high above your head so your arms are straight. Slowly draw a large, wide circle over your head using your stomach muscles to move only the upper half of your body. To make it harder, use a weight instead of a towel.

Feet lift: Lie flat on the ground and keeping your feet together and legs straight, raise your legs three inches off the ground. Hold for five seconds, lower them an inch and hold for five again. Don’t let your feet touch the ground at any time.

Hanging knee raises: Hang from a high bar, like a chin-up bar. Bring your knees up to your chest, hold for three seconds, then bring your legs back down. Only use your abdominal muscles to lift your legs, keep your body still and use controlled, slow movements. Slow bicycles: Lie on your back with your left knee bent towards your chest and your right leg extended a few inches off the ground. Place your hands behind your head and lift your shoulders slightly. Swap your legs slowly, keeping your feet and shoulders off the ground (credit).”

*To see some more 3-D exercises go to 

          hands-to-knees.jpg        knees-to-chest.jpg              laying-ball-squeeze.jpg    

Tricky tips to a flatter tummy


As well as exercise and healthy eating, there are a few small things you can do to reduce your jelly belly…

  • Stand up straight: be conscious of your posture and pull your stomach in, it’ll force your middle muscles to work 24/7.
  • Breathe: it’s perhaps the most important, yet most neglected, aspect of ab-training. Deeply exhale through your mouth and inhale through your nose as often as possible.
  • Laugh: having a good giggle works all the muscles in your stomach.
  • Get a good night’s sleep: lack of snooze time will lead to poor digestion and weight gain.
  • Eat early: the later you eat dinner, the harder it is for your body to digest so the food just sits around your stomach.
  • Colonic irrigation: some people swear by the process of flushing bacteria out of your stomach with pressurised water. It will flatten your belly, however, it’s a tad uncomfortable and not for everyone so do some research.
  • De-stress: we hold stress in our tummies so find an outlet for your worries like Tai Chi, boxing, reading, swimming, painting or writing.
  • Moisturise: supple, tanned skin gives the illusion of a tighter tummy so invest in a good moisturiser and fake tan.
  • Dress right: certain fabrics cling to our skin more than others so if you want to play down a jelly belly, opt for softer, more flexible fabrics like cotton, silk and chiffon (credit).”

Adria Ali

January 19, 2008

Cross Train Your Way To A New Body


      So you’ve decided that you’re going to lose weight.  You go to the gym and do your standard 30 – 40 minutes of cardio on your usual cardio machine…… but is that enough to keep you changing?  If you want faster results in little time, then it time you switch it up!  Cross training could be what gets in those smaller jeans. 

       If you aren’t sure what cross training is then here is your answer.  Cross training involves various type of exercising such as, running, swimming, elliptical, stair climbing, and cardio classes.  Pick one type of exercise per day and keep switching it up.  You could even do that type of cardio for several days and then switch. 


    If you’re trying to get the most out of your cardio then cross training will confuse your body so it burns MORE calories. 

    “Another bonus of cross training is that mixing up your routine also decreases repetitive strain injuries from over use. Adding biking, swimming, etc. to a running program, your joints get a break and your muscles will be worked in different ways. Making you well rounded in your fitness (credit).”

      If you’re stuck in your old routine and you aren’t getting the results you once were… then it’s time for a change!  Switch up your cardio so your hard work at the gym really shows. 

Adria Ali

January 16, 2008

Is “Sugar Free” Really Better For You?


         With the new wave of obesity hitting America … is sugar free really the way to go?  Does replacing your sugar with alternative sources such as aspartame really keep you from gaining weight?  If you have done any research on celebrities….. you would know that most of them consider aspartame to be “evil.”  Here is some clear research to back that up!

According to “The Douglass Report “(Real Health News From Medicine’s Most Notorious Myth Busters)…….

“Aspartame is one of the most dangerous substances ever added to food. Not only has aspartame been proven to make you fatter, it’s been proven to cause some pretty serious diseases, not the least of which are cancer and neurological diseases.

And the proof is on file already. Aspartame has brought more complaints to the FDA than any other additive-ever. It’s responsible for a full 75 percent of the complaints the agency gets. From 10,000 consumer complaints, the FDA compiled a list of 92 symptoms, including death.

The food industry darling that’s sure to
increase your appetite, your waistline, and your medical bills

Sure, the marketing geniuses would have you think it’s health food, but the truth paints a very different picture. Over the years, various reports have implicated aspartame in headaches, memory loss, seizures, vision loss, coma, and cancer. It also appears to worsen or mimic the symptoms of such conditions as fibromyalgia, MS, lupus, ADD, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, chronic fatigue, and depression.

Aside from these risks, now there’s even more proof that these toxins are MAKING US FAT! Some recent research conducted at Purdue University shows that a group of test subjects fed artificial sweeteners subsequently consumed THREE TIMES THE CALORIES of those given ordinary sugar.”

     OUCH …. I guess I’m going to have to ditch my occasional Diet Coke after reading this report.  Ok, so what about the infamous “Splenda” is that any better for your system?  It claims to come from sugar … so it should be health right???  WRONG …

“Products featuring Splenda are perceived as “natural” because even the FDA’s press release about sucralose parrots the claim that “it is made from sugar” — an assertion disputed by the Sugar Association, which is suing Splenda’s manufacturer, (McNeil Nutritionals).

The FDA has no definition for “natural,” so please bear with us for a biochemistry moment: Splenda is the trade name for sucralose, a synthetic compound stumbled upon in 1976 by scientists in Britain seeking a new pesticide formulation.It is true that the Splenda molecule is comprised of sucrose (sugar) — except that three of the hydroxyl groups in the molecule have been replaced by three chlorine atoms. (To get a better picture of what this looks like, see this image of a sucralose molecule.)

While some industry experts claim the molecule is similar to table salt or sugar, other independent researchers say it has more in common with pesticides. That’s because the bondsholding the carbon and chlorine atoms together are more characteristic of a chlorocarbon than a salt — and most pesticides are chlorocarbons. The premise offered next is that just because something contains chlorine doesn’t guarantee that it’s toxic. And that is also true, but you and your family may prefer not to serve as test subjects for the latest post-market artificial sweetener experiment — however “unique.” (See our article on endocrine disruptors for more information on toxins and persistent organic pollutants.)

    WOW …. so if all of these products are poison then what do you eat if you don’t want to eat sugar (which can be just as bad for you in other ways).  The healthy alternative would be to use stevia.  Stevia is a “natural” sweetener which come from leaves of trees.  It is ground up into a white powder.  However if you buy the wrong kind it can taste bitter.  “Stevia Plus” seems to be the best brand that I have tried and never has the bitter after taste.  Stevia Plus can be found at most whole food stores. 

     Hopefully, this article will help people chose the right sweeteners for their diets.  Chances are, if it makes you have seizures, increases your weight, causes cancer, makes you have memory loss, and can put you into a coma… then maybe we shouldn’t be ingesting it! 

Adria Ali

January 15, 2008

Defined Muscle In No Time – Using The Bosu Ball

        You’ve all seen that “half ball” laying on the floor at the gym.  Does anyone know what to do with it???  Sure you’ve seen the occasional trainer use it with their clients.  What’s the point of this contraptions and why would anyone use it? 


      The bosu ball challenges your balance which stimulates all of the “stabilizing muscles.”  The increased amount of muscles being used cause the body to burn more calories.  Everyone wants to burn more calories!  It also allows people to mix up their workout without having to change all of their exercises.  You can simply do your exercises on the bosu ball to avoid hitting plateaus. 

Here Are some great exercises that you can on your own to spice of your routine and increase your fat burning

triple-squat.jpg        tripple-2.jpg      bosusquat3_small.jpg

” Triple Squats
Stand sideways to the BT and place the right foot on top.  Squat down and then push up, stepping onto the dome and lowering into the squat.  Step to the other side and squat, continuing back and forth for 30 to 60 seconds. 

bosu-lung1.jpg          bosu-lunge-2.jpg

 Alternating Lunges
Stand on the ball and take left foot diagonally behind you, punching left arm across the body.  Bring the foot back and switch legs.  For high impact, begin with your foot on top, other foot lunging back.  Jump up and switch so that the one foot lands in the middle of the BOSU and the other foot lunges. Repeat for 30 to 60 seconds.

hamstring-tilt-1.jpg       hamstring-tilt-2.jpg

 Hamstring Tilts
Turn the BT over dome-side down and lie down, placing the feet in the center of the platform.  Lift the hips a few inches off the floor and keep them there as you press the dome forward and then back.  Repeat for 8 to 16 reps.  This move targets the core and the hamstrings. 


Hip Extensions
Finish up the lower body by getting on all fours with the knees on the dome, hands on the floor.  Lift the left leg up to hip level, keeping the knee bent, and press the heel towards the ceiling.  Lower and repeat for 8 to 16 reps before switching sides.  You can hold a light weight behind the knee for more challenge.


With dome side down, hold onto the BT on either side in push-up position, on the knees or toes.  Keep the body straight as you bend the elbows and lower into a push-up.  Push back up and repeat for 1 to 3 sets of 8 to 16 reps. This targets the chest, arms, and core.

bosuflyexchange1-1_small.jpg     bosuflyexchange-2.jpg

Fly Exchange 
Lie on the BT, head and neck supported and the hips lifted. Holding a light to medium weight, take the right arm straight up over the chest. Lower the arm down to shoulder level (elbow slightly bent) then lift back up. Change hands and lower the left arm down. Continue alternating arms for 1 to 3 sets of 8 to 16 reps. This targets the chest, glutes, and core.


One-Armed Row 
Kneel with left knee on the dome and bend over, placing right hand on the floor and extending the right leg straight out. Holding a weight in left hand, bend the elbow, pulling it to the torso while squeezing the lat muscle (on the side of the back). Lower and repeat for 1 to 3 sets of 8 to 16 reps.  If you’re too wobbly, keep both knees on the dome. This targets the back and core.


Full Crunch
Sit on the dome forward of the bull’s eye and draw the knees into the chest, hands behind the head.  Make sure you’re not tipping forward or back.  Squeeze the abs and lift the shoulders and hips off the dome in a full crunch.  Lower and repeat for 8 to 16 reps. 


Sit with hips slightly forward on the dome and place your hands behind you.  Lift your legs up into a V and lean torso back, keeping back straight (don’t collapse) and abs contracted.  Lift the arms and hold for 20 to 60 seconds.


With the dome side down, get into push-up position, on knees or toes, with hands on the either side of the platform.  Hold this position, keeping a straight line from head to heels and keeping the abs braced. Hold for 20 to 60 seconds.

bosu-tilt-1.jpg       bosu-tilt-2.jpg

From above position, keep the arms straight and the body in alignment as you rock the BT forward and back for 8 to 10 reps.  Rest and repeat for 1 to 3 sets.  Add side tilts as well for more challenge (credit).”

       When you think you have thought of everything …..and there is nothing you haven’t done to lose weight; then it’s time to mix it up with the bosu ball.  This stability tool could be the difference between rock- hard defined muscles, or muscle that no one can see. 

Adria Ali

January 9, 2008

JUST SAY NO! (to white foods)

       You thought I was going to say drugs didn’t you?  Nothing is worse then consuming a food only to find that by the following day it has settled on your hips, stomach or legs.  If you are at all conscious of your size or weight, then you know exactly what I mean.  If you aren’t sure what foods I am referring to then here is a list of “white” foods that should be avoided at all costs!

  • White Bread–  This evil food is widely used by sandwich makers all over the world, however the correct choice would be whole grain bread (or no bread at all 😉
  • White Rice –  White rice changes into sugar very quickly.  Brown rice should be used in its place!
  • White Potatoes–  We all love our potatoes, especially in the cold seasons when we want something warm and filling.  Yams should be used in its place.  Yams are a slow processing starch.  This allows the body time to use the carb instead of packing it onto your waiste line.
  • Rice Cakes–  We all know they are low in calories; but does that make them good for you?  NO!  They process just as quickly as the evil white bread.  They have the ability to pack on the pounds.  If you must have rice cakes then try buying the brown rice cakes instead.
  • Sugar–  Stay away from anything with refined sugar such as, soda, candy and desserts.
  • Cream Sauces– This should be obvious however, most people tend to over look this one.  If it’s made with cream then it is made with saturated fat.  Saturated fat tends to get stored easily.  This applies to gravy, Alfredo sauce, cream soups, etc. 
  • High Fat Milk Products–  Obviously, ice creams, cream cheese (the regular one), cheeses, high fat yogurts, etc.

      If you already eat a lot of these foods and you choose to cut them out of your diet, I guarantee that you will drop inches and body fat FAST!  Sometimes changing your diet in little ways can mean BIG results! 

Adria Ali

January 6, 2008

Barbie In The Flesh


         Billions of women (and some men) grew up with barbie.  Those dolls were supposed to exemplify what women were “really” supposed to look like.  Could it be that all of the eating disorders, diet pills, and low self esteem all stem from this one figure made by “Mattel?”  If Barbie were a real figure; how would she look … and would we really want to look like her? 

           “Real Women

  • Average woman’s heigh is 5’4″
  • Their weight is approx. 140 lbs.
  • They wear a size 14 dress
  • Their bust is between 36″ and 37″ (B cup)
  • Their waist is between 30″ and 34″
  • Their hips average between 40″ and 42″
  • Their shoe size is estimated to be between 8.5 and 9.5


Barbie (as a human)

  • Barbie’s height would be 7’2″
  • Her weight would be 101 lbs.
  • She would wear a size 4 dress
  • Her bust would be 39″ (FF cup)
  • Her waist would be 19″ (same as her head)
  • Her hips would be 33″
  • Her shoe size would be a 5


Barbie’s body would have room for only half of a liver and only a few inches of intestines, as opposed to the usual 26 feet. The result: chronic diarrhea and death from malabsorption & malnutrition.

Barbie’s neck is twice as longas the average humans which would make it impossible to hold up her head.

Barbie’s waist is the same circumference as her head.

Barbie’s legs are 50% longer than her arms, whereas the average woman’s legs are only 20% longer than her arms.

To look like a barbie proportionally, a healthy woman would need to add 61 cm to her height, subtract 15 cm from her waist, add 13 cm to her chest, and 8 to her neck length.

If a woman had the same measurements as Barbie, she would not have enough body fat to menstruate (and obviously to have children).

There are 3 billion women on the planet who don’t look like Barbie; only 8 women come close.

Barbie would be unable to walk upright (she would need to walk on all 4’s): her feet are so proportionately small that her chest would pull her perpetually forward onto her toes. (credit)”


       I don’t know about you, but I think it’s time that Mattel come out with a user friendly version of Barbie.  Maybe this time they can actually design one that can walk upright and have a head big enough to hold an actual brain!  If you have a child …. this is not the toy for her (or him). 

 Adria Ali

Working Out For Your Body Type

      Everyone is different; so why has the fitness industry generalized workout plans?  If you walk into the gym to see a trainer (a good one who is educated) … I guarantee that the trainer will take one look at you and know what kind out workout you should be doing and what foods haunt you at night.  However, the average person has no idea why they have “stubborn belly fat,”  “saddle bags,” a “barrel” type body, or excess fat on their upper body and back.    Read through these 4 body types to find out which one you are.


 1.)”Mesomorph: These people have a high muscle-to-fat ratio and tend to have hourglass-shaped bodies. The best exercises for mesomorphs include activities that require strength, power and endurance such as: football, baseball, martial arts, boxing, wrestling, weight lifting, shot-put, discus, long jump, ice skating, ice hockey, water polo, sprinting events in track and field and swimming, springboard diving, gymnastics, and tumbling.  

           – Only a small amount of women have this shape; if you’re not careful, then your hourglass can turn into a mason jar really quick.  People with this body type tend to have a pretty even split between craving sugar of fat….. most like them together 😉  Avoid unbalanced meals.  This can change you’re envious shape into a problem really quick!  Focus on full body routines and circuit training. 

2.)” Endomorph: This group has a higher fat-to-muscle ratio. They tend to be pear-shaped (spoon), round and soft. Endomorphs do well in all types of middle-distance or moderate intensity activities such as: swimming, synchronized swimming, dance or brisk walking. They are also well-suited for the individual sports of martial arts, tennis, archery, bowling, sailing, golf, softball, hiking, snorkeling, scuba diving, water-skiing and middle-distance field events. 

              – Avoid High Fat Foods… they are the enemy for your type of body.  Increase your omega fatty acids and you will successful curb your appetite for fried foods.  Focus on strengthening your legs to burn up tons of calories!   These people have a tendencey towards cellulite, and saddle bags.


3.)”Ectomorph: these bodies are long and rectangular-shaped, typically low in weight and fat. They excel at long-distance events such as field sports, basketball, soccer, football (running back), ice hockey (offense), field hockey, track and field long-distance runs, pole vaulting, marathons, triathlons, swimming long distance, and cross-country running and skiing.   

     – This is the “Barrel”type body.  These people are usually prone to diabetes.  They crave carbs and sugars.  However, if you take out the sugars and control your carbs by eating only complex carbs … then weight loss should come quick and easy!  Take advantage of your endurance and do weight training that focuses on high repetitions with low weight. 

4.)” The final body type, the inverted triangle, is characterized by a top heavy appearance, with a full bust, waist, and upper back. They are less full in the hips and have a flat rear. The hips, thighs, buttocks and lower legs are smaller in proportion to the top half.

         –The goal for inverted triangles is to balance the upper and lower half and accentuate shapely arms and legs. This means doing more exercises for the lower body and to build up muscle.  However, for the upper body do endurance type weight training. 

There are 2 types of muscle (everyone has both types of muscle.  However, each person has different ratios).

      1.) Slow twitch-“Those with more slow-twitch muscles are better equipped to partake in moderate- to vigorous-intensity, long-duration exercises such as those defined for ectomorphs (like basketball).

      2.) Fast Twitch– Those with more fast-twitch muscles are well suited to high-intensity, short-duration exercises like those suggested for mesomorphs.

      *People with an equal number of both slow-twitch and fast-twitch fibers typically excel at middle-distance or moderate-intensity events, although they are typically competent in all types of sports or activities (credit).”

   Which one are you????  Have you been working out according to your body type?  If not, then it’s time you started.  This could mean better results and lower body fat in the long run. 

Adria Ali

January 5, 2008

The Black Book Of Hollywood Diet Secrets – Book Review



     Have you ever wondered how the celebrities stay so thin regardless of their high profile dinners and parties?  This book claims to be the port hole to celebrity diet secrets and exercises.  Personally, I can’t wait to rush out and buy this book so I can test it all out! 

     The book includes some blind sections to test how well you know your favorite celebrities ……

              ”  What twenty-something starlet, afraid of losing her edge as one of the hottest bodies in Hollywood, does this little trick? Despite always being spotted at the trendiest restaurants in town like Mr. Chow and Cut, she stays thin by quietly ordering only from the appetizer menu. She asks for it to be served as a main course with her guests’ much larger meals. She’s saving calories and adding some career longevity?”

           Not sure?  Neither am I!  However…. other websites have guessed Linsey Lohan or Jessica Alba (credit).

Here’s Another

          ”  What A-list, blond babe and major starlet du jour is so into her figure that she has gone one step beyond not eating? If a crew member, or costar dares to pack a bagel or even a carrot stick around Ms. Thin Thing, she will have her personal assistant sweetly announce that they and their food will have to move it along to friendlier quarters. The line used the most to get rid of those who pack snacks: “There is no eating around her. No eating! Those are the rules (credit)!’

      You’ll have to read the book to find out what the answer is for this one…..there wasn’t an answer listed.

“The Tinseltown insiders spill the beans on some of the best kept secrets for slimming down; like how Heidi Klum and Cindy Crawford have a salad dressed with vinegar before going out to eat because it acts as an appetite suppressant.

     It was also intriguing to learn eating prunes helps prevent wrinkles and eases bloat, a tip Sharon Stone and Demi Moore have known for a while. The authors also offer great recipes for healthy snacks and meals, simple at-home exercise routines and even the outline for a cookie based diet. Yes, seriously. New mothers will be very interested to learn how A-list moms bounce back to their former shapes so soon after giving birth (credit).”

     The book retails for 15.00 dollars in bookstores.  A small price to pay for some big diet secrets.  If you have’t figured out how to eat yet; don’t worry, you’re favorite star has.

Adria Ali 

January 4, 2008

Improve Your Diet Success With Food Journaling


    If you can’t seem to lose weight and you don’t know why; then it’s time you started your very own food journal.  Food journaling has been proven to increase your success!  Not only does journaling force you to admit what you have eaten, it can also help you to pin point the flaws in your diet. 

   When journaling write down the portion size of the foods you are eating.   Keep track of the time as well.  You should be eating through out the whole day (every 3-4 hours).  Don’t eat all your calories at once.  It’s helpful to write down your mood at each meal…. are you eating because you are board or hungry?  Keep a mental note of what you are doing while you are eating these meals.  If you are overeating due to a phone conversation or while watching tv, then maybe you should consider eating at the table without excess distractions. 

    When choosing a food journal, you have several options. The old fashion version is to write it down.  However, now you can use the computer as an easier version.  New computer programs can help you keep track of your portions along with your calorie intake. 


-SparkPeople, at, is the most user-friendly free online food journal I’ve tried. It gives personalized calorie and exercise targets, includes nutritional information for thousands of foods and has an easy way to create custom entries for foods that aren’t in SparkPeople’s database.

-Linda Nye, a registered dietitian at the Wichita Clinic, likes FitDay, at Along with free nutritional information, it has a pie chart that analyzes your daily calorie intake. includes free nutritional information for a wide range of foods, but the site charges fees to show daily calorie totals or to let you create a custom entry for a food that isn’t listed.

-Shape magazine’s Web site,, offers a free food log, but the nutritional information is limited, the data can’t be saved from day to day, and you can only use the meal page for 30 minutes at a time.’s food journal offers more features for a fee.


-“The Ultimate Pocket Diet Journal” by Alex Lluch ($9.95, Wedding Solutions Publishing Inc.) includes categories to track foods and beverages, daily calorie intake, exercise, energy levels, water intake, goals, results and vitamins and supplements. It offers nutritional information for more than 1,000 popular food items.

-“Chef Kathleen’s Cooking Thin Daybook” by Kathleen Daelemans ($14.95, Houghton Mifflin Co.) is a 52-week planner that includes recipes, suggestions on how to burn calories and space to record weekly goals, what you eat and how much you exercise. It features report cards with categories like where you can improve and which new foods you’re going to try.

-“The Corrine T. Netzer Dieter’s Diary” ($11, Delta Trade Paperbacks) records food and calorie totals for up to 16 weeks. It gives dieting tips, helps track your weekly progress and includes a compact calorie counter.

-“DietMinder Personal Food & Fitness Journal” ($14.95, Memory Minder Journals Inc.) includes space for before and after photos. Its categories include exercise, vitamins, the time of meals, what you eat and whether you met your daily goal. It offers nutritional information for some favorite foods.

    Remember that every successful diet or life change includes a way of keeping track of your progress. 

Adria Ali

January 3, 2008

Is Your Late Night Snacking Ruining Your Body?


       Most people can be “good” all day.  So why is it that people struggle so much at night?  The majority of my clients have a HUGE problem at night.  At this point in my career I can mearly look at people and tell you what is wrong with their eating, just based on how they are storing fat.  75% of the people that come to me are there because of what they consume at night. 

       The old saying “you are what you eat”  really is true.  If you eat the fat then chances are you will be fat.  Doesn’t sound complicated right?  Then why is the world’s biggest new years resolution to LOSE WEIGHT? 

Here’s Why

* You don’t burn many calories at night…. so why would you eat a heavy meal when you aren’t going to use it?

*  If you only eat 1-2 total times during the day they you will have NO CONTROL when you get to your last meal.  You will have essentially starved your body all day (whether you felt hungry or not).

* BURN WHAT YOU EAT.  If your heaviest meal is dinner then go to the gym right after.  If it’s breakfast then GREAT; you have all day to burn it off!  However, you have a better chance of burning off the calories if they are eaten early in the day 😉

*  DESSERT SHOULDN’T BE EATEN EVERY NIGHT.  We have been brainwashed by commercials to think that dessert is an everyday event.  It shouldn’t be!  Dessert is for special occasions…. it’s not a ritual.

    If you can control what you eat at night then you will have huge success with your new years resolution and for life!  Try it… then write and let me know how you’re doing!  Your feedback is important! 

Adria Ali

January 2, 2008

Cycling To Work – Lose Weight and Save Money



     What would the world be like if everyone decided that gas is way too expensive and we rode our bikes to work?  The average drive to work in Los Angeles is approximately 29 Minutes (one way).  However, that lengthy commute is mostly due to traffic lights, stop signs and rush hour.  Most people work fairly close to their home (between 2-5 miles).  How many calories could you burn if you chose to ride to work?  How many pounds of fat would you lose per month?     


       If you weigh 150 pounds then an average bike ride (5 miles) to work would burn 186 calories (one way).  That means that riding your bike to work would burn a total of 372 calories! 

*160 lb person = 396 calories (round trip)- weight loss per month= 3.39 lbs

*170 lb person = 420 calories- Weight loss per month= 3.6 lbs

*180 lb person = 446 calories- Weight Loss per Month= 3.82 lbs

*190 lb person = 470 calories-Weight loss per month = 4.02 lbs

*200 lb person = 494 calories- Weight loss per month= 4.23 lbs

    * These calculations are based on an average speed of 11 mph.  You could increase your calorie burning by increasing the rate at which you peddled.     

     Keep in mind that this is the weight that you would lose in one month.  Now imagine if you did it for 3 months or 6 months!  Now consider that you can increase your weight loss by changing your eating habits.  You could potentially lose over 20 pounds in less then 3 months just by riding your bike to work!  

     Forget the gimmicks and the fad diets; change your way of life one step at a time by incorporating fitness while saving money on gas!  It’s time to be that healthy person that bounces into work refreshed and motivated; not the person that drags themselves in with a chip on their shoulder, and bags under their eyes.  You only have one life; you can chose to live it with energy and spunk or just be dragged along for the ride.

Adria Ali

To access the calorie calculator used for this article go to

January 1, 2008

Transform Your Body In 12 Short Weeks For The New Year!

        The ever popular new years resolution is to”Get In Shape.”  So why should this year be any different?  If you’re a couch potato looking to find the new you underneath all that excess weight then it’s time you get moving in 2008! 


        Follow these tips to get healthy and lean.  Don’t forget that each of these components is key to getting to your goal.  If you leave one out then you are hindering your chances for success.


1.)  CHANGE YOUR EATING!  That means cut the fat and the excess sugar!  Eat only lean meatsuch as turkey, chicken (white meat), fish, and lean cuts of pork.  Carbs can be eaten in the beginning part of your day but limited at night when your body it’s really using them.  Eat 3 main meals and and at least 2 small snacks.  Things like dairy can be essential to helping you lose weight.  Use things like yogurt and cottage cheese to increase your protein without increasing your fat intake. 


2.)  Get Your Daily 20:  If you aren’t doing cardio right now then it’s time you start!  Start off by doing at least 20 minutes of cardio a day (5 days a week).  Once you get your routine down then add in 5 extra minutes.  Slowly build your cardio up to 30-40 minutes.


3.)  Build Muscle:  EVERYONE NEEDS MUSCLE.  If you are a female trying to “tone” then you must build muscle to burn fat.  You won’t bulk up you don’t have the testosterone to get big!  Lift with a purpose; if it’s not hard then you aren’t changing!  Make each set count as if it were your last. 

4.)  Don’t Skimp On Your Supplements.  Foods are highly processed today.  You won’t get your daily intake of vitamins if you don’t take a supplement.  Taking supplements can actually help you lose body fat.  Protein supplements can enhance your performance and your muscle definition.

5.)  Drink Your Water.  The average person is walking around with  5 – 10 pounds of excess water weight.  That can’t look good.  Drinking at least 60-80 oz of water a day can help you shed excess weight that is making you look swollen and puffy.  All that excess water can hinder performance and definition.


6.)  Be Consistent.  Going to the gym for two weeks straight isn’t going to solve all of your problems.  You need to be consistent to see results.  Don’t focus on the results you’re not getting; focus on all the positive things.

Here’s my Get Lean Program for 2008 (basic)

 Back:  Lat Pull Downs (3 sets of 15)  Super Set Dumbbell row (1 set of 20)

Chest:  Dumbbell Chest Press (3 sets of 15) Super Set:  Push-ups (as many as you can)

Shoulders:  Dumbbell Shoulder Press (3 sets of 15) Super Set:  Lateral Raises (1 set of 15)

Legs:  Leg Press (3 sets of 15) Super Set:  Squats (1 set of 20)

           Dead Lifts (3 sets of 15) Super Set:  Leg Curls ( 1 set of 20)

           Seated Calf Raise (3 sets of 15)

Abs:  Ball Crunches / bicylces/ Reverse Crunch/ Toe Touches –  Do each of these all in a row 10 – 20 reps of each, then repeat 3 cycles. 

       Do this routine with challenging weight and watch the transformation take place.  Remember to take measurements and pictures to watch your tranformation.  The naked eye alone is not enough!  You see your body everyday; which makes it hard to see changes in the begining.  The weight lifting routine is to be done 3 times a week with at least one day of rest inbetween (don’t worry you can still do cardio on the days that you don’t do weights ;). 

       Not sure what these exercises look like?  Then visit this very interesting digital site

Adria Ali

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