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December 29, 2007

The World’s Smartest Water Bottle – The Hydracoach

      We all struggle each day to fit in 80 oz or more of water.  Even if you are a fitness freak it always seems to be a challenge!  This new invention called the Hydracoach can change all that.


     Here’s how it works

*  You set your own water consumption goal using the small electrical mechanism on the outside of the bottle. 

*   The bottle will measure how much water you have consumed

*   To drink out of the bottle you must bite down slightly on the straw to suck the water up.

*   The electrical device also tells you how much of your total goal has been met using a percentage.

“Known as the world’s first interactive water bottle, the HydraCoach looks just like other water bottles, but with one notable difference–a built-in hydration monitor. This patented technology lets users program their own personal hydration needs into the integrated computer and track their daily water consumption sip by sip. It’s the best possible way to achieve optimal hydration whether sitting at work or running on the treadmill. Among the measurable details are total amount consumed, total elapsed time since the computer started, average hourly and daily consumption, percent of daily goal, and total sips. And technophobes needn’t fret, as all you have to do to calculate your personal hydration goal is enter your weight. Other features include a built-in clock and calendar, an easy-to-clean polycarbonate shell, a soft silicone mouth piece, and a finger ring. The blue HydraCoach is backed by a one-year warranty.

Product Description
Proper hydration is a combination of the right amount of water, consumed at the right pace and HydraCoach is smart enough to figure it out for you. The world’s first interactive water bottle is smartly programmed to calculate your personal hydration needs and then it tracks your water intake, it paces your consumption for optimal benefits. To motivate you to stay healthily hydrated, the built in LCD displays the amount and percentage of water consumed relative to your daily hydration goals. Also shows time, date, fluid intake per hour and time elapsed. Silicone mouthpiece is angled for easy sipping. Features a large finger ring that also hooks on a carabiner clip. Measures 11″ x 3″ diameter and holds 22 oz. Runs on a CR2032 button cell battery included. One-year warranty (”

*  The Hydracoach retails on line at for 37.95, however my sister purchased hers for 20 dollars at G.I. Joe’s.  Check out other stores for better deals. 

Adria Ali


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  1. This is a great tool!! I just received one for chirstmas from my husband. I had no idea I was supposed to drink 79oz of water a day. In the past if you would of told me that I would have just laughed. The first day I tested it out I drank only 21% of my intake and was amazed at how little I was drinking, but by the second day I challenged myself to reach the goal. Now only a few days later my husband mentioned how clear my skin looks. Who knew after years of prescriptions and facial cleansers all I really needed was to drink the appropriate amount of water!!

    Comment by CThompson — December 29, 2007 @ 3:14 pm

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