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December 26, 2007

Bee Pollen- The Natural Energizer



     Caffeine, ephedra, and green tea are some of the most common energy supplements around.  However, Bee pollen has often been over looked for its natural energizing properties.  Ask anyone and they will tell you that they suffer from low energy levels.  If you lack the energy to get through your day or your workouts .. then maybe this is the natural cure for you!


“*Bee pollen actually contains all of the nutrients you need to live.

  *Bee pollen has high concentrations of the B vitamin complex, and also contains Vitamins A, C, D, and E. Increased B vitamin also means more energy.

  *Athletes often use bee pollen for endurance, strength, stamina, and mental clarity.

  *There are have been many reports, articles and books that have been written suggesting that the bee pollen benefits extend to being able to slow down the aging process.

  *Bee pollen has shown to have an ability to help in fat loss by rectifying a chemical imbalance that many people with weight problems tend to have.

  *Other weight control benefits of bee pollen include improving your metabolism (the rate at which your body burns fat); dissolving and flushing fat cells from your body due to the high percentage of lecithin contained in bee pollen; and it also helps to reduce your cravings for food.

  *Other bee pollen benefits include the fact that it is very effective in lowering your cholesterol levels.

 *Bee Pollen helps to improve your immune system and detoxifies your body and much more.

 * There have also been some studies that show it may help in alleviating allergies.

     Bee pollen benefits are so great and more importantly have been proven to be excellent for your health, that it would be wise to give bee pollen an honest try.

But don’t just purchase any bee pollen that you see. You get the best bee pollen benefits from freeze-dried bee pollen. This type of bee pollen prevents the substance from becoming oxidized that leads to degradation.

Also avoid heat dried or processed bee pollen, which destroys the nutrients and important enzymes.

The only way you can be sure you are receiving the best bee pollen benefitsis to buy your bee pollen from a pharmaceutical GMP compliant facility. This type of manufacturing facility is the top of the line and adheres to the highest manufacturing standards.

In fact, the same standards that are required by law, of pharmaceutical drugs. GMP compliance is the highest bee pollen standard possible.

Now, there is a bee pollen manufacturer that meets all of the requirements and more for the best bee pollen and bee pollen benefits possible. They have one of the strictest regulatory environments in the world for the manufacture of bee pollen, far exceeding U.S. FDA standards.

We have confidence in this brand of bee pollen and can with certainty vouch for this product as being your best choice.

This is the same manufacturer of bee pollen talked about earlier that has managed to be able to release about 95% of the active ingredients of bee pollen into your body when you take it. (credit)

WARNING:  If you are allergic to bees then don’t take be pollen!

 Adria Ali


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