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December 20, 2007

Keep Your Weight Down While Traveling


     Traveling during the holidays can be a huge stressor.  The food served on the airplane can either make your flight or break it. Nothing is worse then getting on an airplane with tons of people packed together like sardines.  To avoid overflowing into someone elses seat in the future; follow these simple rules to keep your gut in check while 40,000 feet up.

* Drink Plenty of water. Since the air in the plane is circulated; this will keep you hydrated and virus free.

* Avoid fatty, yet filling foods. The airlines aren’t stupid; the best way to fill people up for cheap is to give them small portions of fattening foods that are loaded with carbs (a combination that is sure to make you fall asleep). The most common airlines foods would be peanuts (fattening), and pretzels ( full of carbs and tons of salt).

* Don’t waist your money calming down with a nice gin and tonic. Extra calories from alcohol will go straight to your stomach and hips if you don’t have the ability to burn it off.  Since you’re stuck on a plane, this is a given.

* Get Plenty of rest.  Decreased amounts of sleep increases your cortisol level. Increased cortisol (your stress hormone) has been linked increased body fat around the hips and thighs (no one wants that!).

* Walk The Airport.  Short on time and didn’t get your workout in? Chances are you are about 2 hours early for your flight.  If you have extra time, try taking a brisk walk around the airport.  This will get your metabolism up and keep you from getting antsey during your flight.

* Do seated exercises.  No you don’t have to do arm circles in your seat!  However, you can do a seated calve raise without anyone really noticing.

– While seated roll your foot from the heal to the ball of your foot. This will cause you to go up on the tips of your toes. Hold and contract your calves.

– Ab Exercises – Contract your abs by drawing your belly button into your spine. Then relax and repeat.

– Glute Exercise – Contract your glute (butt) while seated. This will cause you to raise up slightly, then relax.

* Take Your Vitamins–  Everyone knows they are “supposed” to do it, yet vacations mean that people forget.  Taking your vitamins helps to flush out toxins, and keeps you from getting sick from the recirculated air of the plane.

   These simple tricks can help you to look your best during the holiday season. Remember, these people only see you once or twice a year; why not look your best for the people you love!

Adria Ali


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  1. I never thought about exercising while on a plane, not that I fly much, but this is such great advice, especailly for frequent travelers.

    Comment by Brenda — December 20, 2007 @ 4:35 am

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