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December 7, 2007

The Book That’s Changing Lives


       Not everyone was raised with a nutritionist as a mom.  In this day and age our mothers are so stressed out that they lack both the time, and the patience to cook really healthy meals.  Not only that; a lot of people out there were never taught what “healthy eating” really is! 

      One of the newest books out on the market is called the “Eat Clean Diet.”  This book is changing lives and educating people on how to eat clean and healthy foods for life!  The book is modeled after diets that were traditionally used by body builders to lean up.  However, Tosca Reno has designed a fun, eye catching way to teach people the way they should really eat! 

      Tosca is basically telling you what any personal trainer would tell you……

  1. Eat 5-6 times per day. (Typical Advice to speed up metabolism)
  2. Each meal should be between 200-300 calories. (Works every time)
  3. Eat a complex carbohydrate with protein at every meal (Makes sense)
  4. Drink at least 2L (8 cups) of water every day (could be more if you are working out hard)
  5. Never miss a meal, especially breakfast (Very true) 
  6. Avoid saturated and trans-fats (Always)
  7. Stick to proper portion sizes    (Very important) 

     For any personal trainer out there who is working to change their clients eating habits… this book is a blessing!  Not only does it tell them what to do, it goes into full detail on WHY they are doing it! 

The drawback:  Although I love the information in the book and the great glossy pictures; I felt that the book needed a little bit more character.  After reading a couple of chapters I got disinterested.  If you are going to read this book for its content (which is highly recommended), then you should pace yourself and only read a chapter at a time.  Trying to read too many chapters at one time gets boring and you tend to lose interest. 

   I applaud Tosca for making a book that I can refer to my clients, and know that they will be well educated and informed while reading it!


   Don’t forget that this isn’t the only book that has been written by Tosca Reno.  She has also added a recipe book and workout books to go with it… go to her web site for more info at

Adria Ali


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