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December 5, 2007

7 NOT SO Healthy Foods

     So now you’re eating “healthy” but are the foods you’re eating really that healthy????  Here is a list of foods that most people would consider good eating choices and the drawbacks of that food.

     1.) Granola Bars–  How could this be bad for you??  Its oats and nuts with a little bit of chocolate thrown in for flavor. 


           THE FACTS:  Most of the granola bars out there are dipped in either honey or some kind of syrup.  This could leave you satisfied one minute and starving for more sugar the next!  Remember, excess sugars leads to excess fats!

     2.) Tea Drinks–  Tea has been applauded for it antioxidants, calming inflammation, and helping to prevent cancer. 


            THE FACTS:  Most tea drinks on the market are full of sugar! Most teas on the shelf are so over processed that very few actually posses the benefits of regular brewed leaves.  

      3.) Pretzels–  Ok, so pretzels are better then potato chips.  They are very low in fat and they go well in lunches.


            THE FACTS:  Pretzels are no better then eating white bread (the enemy)!  Not to mention, that one serving of pretzels contains nearly a quarter of the amount of salt for one day.  They also lack nutritional value and fiber. 

      4.) Muffins–  They are a quick breakfast and they sometimes have berries which are rich sources of antioxidants.  Bran muffins are full of fiber.


           THE FACTS:  Most muffins are 2 to 3 times bigger then they used to be.  This means they posses 2 to 3 times more calories and fat!  The average blueberry and bran muffin contain 20 grams of fat or more!  That’s nearly half of your allowance of fat for the day!

      5.)   Rice Cakes –  They have been praised for being low calorie, low in fat, and easy.


           THE FACTS:  Rice cakes turn into sugar in your blood very quickly which can be stored as fat.  They are also high in salt.  Salt equals water retention…. not good for people trying to lose weight!

      6.)  Fruit Snacks–  Not eating fruit, maybe you can get something from these healthy low calorie snacks.

         THE FACTS:  These little bags of treats may have vitamin C but not enough to make any kind of impact!  These fun snacks are LOADED with sugar.  They have little to no nutritional value and absolutely no fiber.  A total waste of calories.

      7.)   Frozen Yogurt –  Nutritious and full of healthy bacteria for your intestinal tract.


          THE FACTS- Not all frozen yogurts are processed the same.  Some have the healthy benefits for your intestines while other lack it completely.  Keep in mind that some yogurt (although low fat) is packed with sugar and calories.

     Thought you had it all figured out?  Confused about what to eat?  Feel free to write in and ask me questions on food or exercise.  Keep reading… the next article (tomorrow) will outline a book on the right food choices for a leaner healthier you!

 Adria Ali


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  1. My dilema is I work the graveyard shift and I go to sleep when I get home. I am confused about what to eat when. I have gained nearly 20 pounds in just 8 months due to this change in my work hours. I am looking for any suggestions and menu ideas. Thanks much

    Comment by Nee Nee — December 15, 2007 @ 5:15 am

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