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December 1, 2007

Fat Burning Resistance Band Workout

   Think you need to leave home to get a good workout.. think again. The ever underestimated resistance band can pack a lot of punch for little money. The bands come in various colors and sizes. The bands colors coordinate with the level of resistance.  Therefore, yellow is the easiest, followed by green, then red and last, blue.  These bands have the ability to melt the fat in a short amount of time if done correctly.


Bicep Curl:  Loop the band under your feet.  Keep your elbows in at your sides.  Next, curl your arms up to your chest and then slowly lower them back down and repeat.


Band Chest Press:  Loop the band around a steady post.  Next, step out so the band has some resistance. Start with your arms extended out and lined up with your shoulders.  While keeping your elbows up, bend your arms back to a 90 degree angle.  Then, push back out to starting position. 


Butt – Blaster


“Get on your hands and knees and wrap a resistance band around the right foot. Hold the handles in each hand and begin the move with the right knee bent and flex the foot while extending the right leg straight back, squeezing the glutes.”(credit

Check out this video workout from for more exercises.



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