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December 31, 2007

Invention Review – The Perfect Push up


        I’m sure you have seen the many commercials for the “perfect Push-up.”  If you haven’t then it’s time you looked for it!  It is highly promoted by Danny Bonaduce (radio personality).


       I used the “perfect push-up” tonight at my brother’s house and was pleasantly surprised at how difficult it was!  I do push-up pretty often and I have gotten good at them over the years.  The new mechanism helped to isolate the triceps as you twisted the handles.  I could actually feel the push-ups isolating the chest in a whole new way.  Included with the handles was also a workout routine to help you increase your stamina over time.  If you can’t do a normal push-up right now then DON’T Worry you can do the push-ups on your knees or on the wall (if you are really creative).

      If you aren’t doing push-ups as part of routine right now, then they would be a great addition!  If you are a seasoned weight lifter then you should definitely add these to your routine to get the most out of your arms, back, chest and abs.  I usually shoot down most inventions as gimmicks; however the perfect push-up IS worth buying. 

Adria Ali


December 30, 2007

The Benefits Of Juicing And The Raw Foods Diet

      We have all seen the many juicing machines in departments stores.  Many people pass them by because they aren’t willing to take the time to make their own juice.  However, juicing your own fruits and vegetables can have various positive effects on your health.  It could even prevent you from getting the many diseases that plague society!   If the celebrities do it to stay Young and fit then you know it works!

cher.jpg    sting.jpg    silverstone.jpg    woody.jpg    glover.jpg

Benefits Of Juicing:

Massive Amounts of Nutrients
Juicing is a way to take in massive amounts of nutrients – far more than if we simply ate these foods. How long would it take to eat a bag of apples? Juicing them would produce 3 or 4 drinks and take only minutes to consume.

Rapid Assimilation of Nutrients
The juicing process breaks down the fruit and vegetables into an easily digestible state. Your system can assimilate the nutrients far more quickly than when consuming solid food and requires little energy to process them. Because of this highly digestible state, our bodies can also utilise more of the nutrients present.

Increased Metabolic Rate
Enzymes are contained in raw foods, and are responsible for the digestion and absorption of food into your body. They convert foods into body tissues and are an important producer of energy levels. Without enzymes, our metabolism cannot function at its maximum rate.

Protection against Disease
Plant chemicals, known as phytochemicals are at the cutting edge of nutritional research because they hold the key to prventing some of our most deadly diseases, such as cancer and heart disease, as well as some of our most common, such as asthma, arthritis and allergies.

The problem with phytochemicals is that most of us cannot eat enough to reap the benefits they offer. However, juicing is a way to overcome this problem. Massive amounts of fruit and vegetables can be reduced to a few glasses and are easily consumed.

Greatly Improved Immune System
Fewer Coughs and Colds. A healthy body can fight germs and viruses.

Juicing aids recovery and helps build up the nutrients lost during an illness. Certain fruits and vegetables, or combinations of these, have been found to be beneficial for particular conditions eg a combination of carrots, beetroot and cucumber is very helpful for arthritis, digestion and colds. More and more research is being conducted into healing foods, which has a long pre-medical history of helping people with what ails them.

Helps Depression
Feeling depressed is not just a psychological condition. Very often that sense of purposelessness, emptiness, feelings of worthlessness and guilt, come from a bio-chemical imbalance in the body. A deficiency in magnesium, potassium, iron, calcium or folic acid can contribute to depression. Juicing can provide the necessary nutrients.

Fruit and vegetables contain antioxidants – nature’s secret weapon against ageing. They combat the free radicals and the damage they cause when they attack cells. Free radical damage contributes to wrinkles, sagging skin, loss of muscle tone, age spots and the onset of age-related diseases.

Low Cost, Easy and Versatile
Fruit and vegetables are readily available and are cheap if you buy in season. With the number of different flavour combinations that can be concocted, the taste can vary each time, defeating boredom. Save money by not buying any special products either.

More Effective Than Drugs
No special products necessary, just natural fruits and vegetables, and no unwanted or dangerous side effects from drugs (credit).


   If you can avoid disease, have less colds, feel better on a daily basis and have endless amounts of energy; why wouldn’t you juice?  Many celebrities have turned to the “Raw Foods” diet to keep them young and healthy for life.  “Hollywood celebrities such as Alicia Silverstone, Lisa Bonnet, Woody Harrelson and Danny Glover love it! Supermodel Carol Alt, fashion designer Donna Karen, musicians Sting and Cher, and a host of others have discovered it (credit)!

Happy New Year!

Adria Ali


December 29, 2007

The World’s Smartest Water Bottle – The Hydracoach

      We all struggle each day to fit in 80 oz or more of water.  Even if you are a fitness freak it always seems to be a challenge!  This new invention called the Hydracoach can change all that.


     Here’s how it works

*  You set your own water consumption goal using the small electrical mechanism on the outside of the bottle. 

*   The bottle will measure how much water you have consumed

*   To drink out of the bottle you must bite down slightly on the straw to suck the water up.

*   The electrical device also tells you how much of your total goal has been met using a percentage.

“Known as the world’s first interactive water bottle, the HydraCoach looks just like other water bottles, but with one notable difference–a built-in hydration monitor. This patented technology lets users program their own personal hydration needs into the integrated computer and track their daily water consumption sip by sip. It’s the best possible way to achieve optimal hydration whether sitting at work or running on the treadmill. Among the measurable details are total amount consumed, total elapsed time since the computer started, average hourly and daily consumption, percent of daily goal, and total sips. And technophobes needn’t fret, as all you have to do to calculate your personal hydration goal is enter your weight. Other features include a built-in clock and calendar, an easy-to-clean polycarbonate shell, a soft silicone mouth piece, and a finger ring. The blue HydraCoach is backed by a one-year warranty.

Product Description
Proper hydration is a combination of the right amount of water, consumed at the right pace and HydraCoach is smart enough to figure it out for you. The world’s first interactive water bottle is smartly programmed to calculate your personal hydration needs and then it tracks your water intake, it paces your consumption for optimal benefits. To motivate you to stay healthily hydrated, the built in LCD displays the amount and percentage of water consumed relative to your daily hydration goals. Also shows time, date, fluid intake per hour and time elapsed. Silicone mouthpiece is angled for easy sipping. Features a large finger ring that also hooks on a carabiner clip. Measures 11″ x 3″ diameter and holds 22 oz. Runs on a CR2032 button cell battery included. One-year warranty (”

*  The Hydracoach retails on line at for 37.95, however my sister purchased hers for 20 dollars at G.I. Joe’s.  Check out other stores for better deals. 

Adria Ali

December 26, 2007

Bee Pollen- The Natural Energizer



     Caffeine, ephedra, and green tea are some of the most common energy supplements around.  However, Bee pollen has often been over looked for its natural energizing properties.  Ask anyone and they will tell you that they suffer from low energy levels.  If you lack the energy to get through your day or your workouts .. then maybe this is the natural cure for you!


“*Bee pollen actually contains all of the nutrients you need to live.

  *Bee pollen has high concentrations of the B vitamin complex, and also contains Vitamins A, C, D, and E. Increased B vitamin also means more energy.

  *Athletes often use bee pollen for endurance, strength, stamina, and mental clarity.

  *There are have been many reports, articles and books that have been written suggesting that the bee pollen benefits extend to being able to slow down the aging process.

  *Bee pollen has shown to have an ability to help in fat loss by rectifying a chemical imbalance that many people with weight problems tend to have.

  *Other weight control benefits of bee pollen include improving your metabolism (the rate at which your body burns fat); dissolving and flushing fat cells from your body due to the high percentage of lecithin contained in bee pollen; and it also helps to reduce your cravings for food.

  *Other bee pollen benefits include the fact that it is very effective in lowering your cholesterol levels.

 *Bee Pollen helps to improve your immune system and detoxifies your body and much more.

 * There have also been some studies that show it may help in alleviating allergies.

     Bee pollen benefits are so great and more importantly have been proven to be excellent for your health, that it would be wise to give bee pollen an honest try.

But don’t just purchase any bee pollen that you see. You get the best bee pollen benefits from freeze-dried bee pollen. This type of bee pollen prevents the substance from becoming oxidized that leads to degradation.

Also avoid heat dried or processed bee pollen, which destroys the nutrients and important enzymes.

The only way you can be sure you are receiving the best bee pollen benefitsis to buy your bee pollen from a pharmaceutical GMP compliant facility. This type of manufacturing facility is the top of the line and adheres to the highest manufacturing standards.

In fact, the same standards that are required by law, of pharmaceutical drugs. GMP compliance is the highest bee pollen standard possible.

Now, there is a bee pollen manufacturer that meets all of the requirements and more for the best bee pollen and bee pollen benefits possible. They have one of the strictest regulatory environments in the world for the manufacture of bee pollen, far exceeding U.S. FDA standards.

We have confidence in this brand of bee pollen and can with certainty vouch for this product as being your best choice.

This is the same manufacturer of bee pollen talked about earlier that has managed to be able to release about 95% of the active ingredients of bee pollen into your body when you take it. (credit)

WARNING:  If you are allergic to bees then don’t take be pollen!

 Adria Ali

December 25, 2007

Eat To Lose


     When people think about losing weight they assume that they have to eat less.  This isn’t always the case.  People nearly fall out of their seat at the gym when I tell them that they must eat more in order to lose weight.  The initial response is always negative.  We have been conditioned to think that eating less is the way to lose weight.  I am not going to generalize and say that people don’t overeat.  A tremendous amount of people over eat, however, if they rearranged their foods, then they could eat more frequently to boost their metabolism.    

     As a teen, you could eat less food and have immediate satisfaction by losing weight fast.  However, when you were younger, you also had a much faster metabolism.  Therefore, eating less with a fast metabolism worked.  Now that you have aged, you have probably cut your meals down to 1-2 meals per day.  Over time, this slowed your metabolism down.  As the years went on the slower it got.  Now you are dealing with a sluggish metabolism and loss of muscle mass due to aging and decreased calories.  SO what do you do???  YOU EAT MORE MEALS! 

     Any trainer will tell you, that in order to increase your metabolism you must eat MORE meals (low calories) MORE frequently through out the day.  This increases your metabolism.  Every time you eat your metabolism turns back on and your begin to burn calories.  If you only eat 1-2 times per day then your body thinks it is starving.  Then it holds on to all of those calories. 

How EAT TO LOSE works:

* Each snack should range from 200-300 calories (2 snacks per day)

* Each large meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner) should contain 400-500 calories.  Of course this will depend on the person. 

* You should be eating every 3-4 hours.  Going over 4 hours causes a drop in your blood sugar level, which can lead to body fat storage and dips in energy levels.

* Try to put protein into every meal (including snacks)

     Sounds simple right???  IT IS!  Now all you have to do is make sure you are prepared.  Go to the store EVERY week to ensure that you don’t run out of healthy foods to eat.  Plan out your day and schedual in your times to eat.  Sounds rediculous>? It’s not….. making time for yourself to eat means you will have more energy to get through the day and be productive. 

     Not sure what to eat?  Then visit my article on “Are Carbs Evil?”  This article gives a sample meal plan. 

Happy Holidays,

Adria Ali

December 23, 2007

“Green Foods” For A Better You

     Most people only eat one to two serving of fruits and vegetables a day.  There is a reason why people are plagued with diabetes, cancer, heart disease and various other diseases.  Lack of fruits and vegetables means an increase in disease!  Everyone wants to live a healthy, energetic life.  Using green foods shakes to supplement your diet can give you that edge to be everything you want and more!


Benefits Of Green Food:

  • Strengthening of your immune system
  • Improvement in mental focus and clarity
  • Increase in energy level
  • Improvement in digestion
  • Healthier, softer skin
  • Stabilization of blood sugar level and blood pressure
  • Reduction of and sometimes complete recovery from food-related and seasonal allergies
  • Detoxification of heavy metals, pesticides, and other toxins that have accumulated over time
  •  Quotes From People Who Have Taken Green Foods:

    “Now after 3 weeks, I am a different person. I didn’t have to make an effort to change my diet, once I began to take the greens, the cravings for starches and sweets diminished, and I mix it with plain water only. I have suggested that my mother take it as well, and she also thinks its great.”

    If I forget to drink my GREENS and Vitamin C, I feel like I am run down in just a couple of days, so does my husband and my business partner. We eat almost completely organic and natural healthy foods, so you would think that was enough, but it’s not.”    

    My family just received more GREENS. I can’t believe how fast they came – Thank you, we were completely out! I swear the GREENS and your Vitamin C have kept my Dad alive. He has peripheral neuropathy and takes a shocking amount of pharmaceutical drugs on a daily basis, including Methadone for his intense chronic pain.

    When he ran out, he got so sick within days. I had to overnight him the GREENS and Vitamin C and he was so much improved within just a couple of days!”

    *These quotes were taken from “

        My Uncle Joe runs a chiropractic clinic where he also swears by green foods and even sells some in his office.  The brand that he recomends is “greens first.”  If he promotes it then I know it’s a good brand. 

        Green foods taken in the powder form can taste awful (depending on the brand).  If you can’t stomach the taste then try mixing it into your favorite protein shake or juice.  Supplementing your diet with green foods can give you the energy you have been lacking to do things like workout, or do projects around your house that you’ve been avoiding.  

    Adria Ali

    December 21, 2007

    Christmas Do’s And Don’ts


       Christmas only comes once a year.  However, you could spend up to 3 months after the holidays burning off all that extra almond roca grandma gave you (if you aren’t careful).  Here are some stats to make you think before you eat during the holidays. 

     Listed below are the common holiday foods people eat …. be afraid, be very afraid….


    Almond Roca (3 pieces)

     Calories    210 % DV**
    Total Fat 15 g 23%
       Sat. Fat 7 g 35%
    Cholesterol 15 mg 5%
    Sodium 125 mg 5%
    Total Carbs. 18 g 6%
       Dietary Fiber 0.5 g 2%
       Sugars 17 g  
    Protein 2 g  

    Mashed Potatoes (made with cream and Butter)


    Calories 237
    (Kilojoules 992)
        % DV**
    Total Fat 8.8 g 14%
       Sat. Fat 2.1 g 11%
    Cholesterol 2 mg 1%
    Sodium 699 mg 29%
    Total Carbs. 35.5 g 12%
       Dietary Fiber 3.2 g 13%
       Sugars 3.0 g  
    Protein 4.2 g  

    Candied Yams  (Look at the Carbs on this one!  It’s way too High for just 1/ 2  a cup!)

    Calories 210
    (Kilojoules 878)
        % DV**
    Total Fat 0 g 0%
       Sat. Fat 0 g 0%
       Trans Fat 0 g  
    Cholesterol 0 mg 0%
    Sodium 240 mg 10%
    Total Carbs. 52 g 17%
       Dietary Fiber 1 g 4%
       Sugars 38 g  
    Protein 1 g  

    Pecan Pie (Look at the fat in just one piece!  It is more than half or your daily allowance!  Not to mention that 450 calories is usually one whole meal!)


    Calories 452
    (Kilojoules 1889)
        % DV**
    Total Fat 20.9 g 32%
       Sat. Fat 4.0 g 20%
    Cholesterol 36 mg 12%
    Sodium 479 mg 20%
    Total Carbs. 64.6 g 22%
       Dietary Fiber 4.0 g 16%
       Sugars 31.9 g  
    Protein 4.5 g  

    Spinach and Artichoke Dips (1/4 cup is 17 grams of fat Whoa….  stay far far aways from the dips)

    Calories 220
    (Kilojoules 920)
        % DV**
    Total Fat 17 g 26%
       Sat. Fat 8 g 40%
    Cholesterol 40 mg 13%
    Sodium 680 mg 28%
    Total Carbs. 9 g 3%
       Dietary Fiber 2 g 8%
       Sugars 4 g  
    Protein 8 g  

     Sugar Cookies (harmless right?  One little white cookie won’t hurt…. think again!  One cookie has 12 grams of fat and 220 calories! Ouch! )


    Calories 220
    (Kilojoules 920)
        % DV**
    Total Fat 12 g 18%
       Sat. Fat 6 g 30%
       Trans Fat 0 g  
    Cholesterol 15 mg 5%
    Sodium 140 mg 6%
    Total Carbs. 28 g 9%
       Dietary Fiber 0.5 g 2%
       Sugars 14 g  
    Protein 2 g

     Pillsbury Crescent Rolls ( 180 calories and 10 grams of fat for one large roll… need I say more?)


    Calories 180
    (Kilojoules 752)
        % DV**
    Total Fat 10 g 15%
       Sat. Fat 2.5 g 13%
       Trans Fat 2.5 g  
    Cholesterol 0 mg 0%
    Sodium 370 mg 15%
    Total Carbs. 20 g 7%
       Dietary Fiber 0.5 g 2%
       Sugars 4 g  
    Protein 3 g  

    High Calorie Mixed Drinks  (see my article on low calorie cocktails)


    (all calorie info from


    Roasted Potatoes:  These have very little fat and lower calories then the average mashed potatoes.

    Ham and Turkey:  Fill up on proteins to avoid overeating the carbs.

    ham.jpg    turkey.jpg

    Green Bean Casserole:  This is a holiday favorite that scores big points.  It only contains 70 calories per serving (1/2 cup)!


    Vegetable Tray:  Fill up on that ever famous veggie tray.  However, take it easy on the dip… try to use as little as possible! 

    Jello Desserts:  If you Must have a dessert; at least this one is low in calories and fat.

    Yams: The normal yams (minus the bath of syrup) are actually one of the best foods you can eat!


    Steamed Veggies:  This is always a wise choice for any occasion!  Fill up on as many of these so you don’t splurge on dessert!

    Salad:  Hopefully, grandma added a salad for a rounded meal…. If she did then eat the salad first, along with the veggies!

          We all want to remember how great the holidays are.  We don’t want to carry Christmas with us all year long.  Hopefully, this article will help you during this season.  Write and let me know what you think about the site!

     Happy Holidays,

    Adria Ali

    December 20, 2007

    Keep Your Weight Down While Traveling


         Traveling during the holidays can be a huge stressor.  The food served on the airplane can either make your flight or break it. Nothing is worse then getting on an airplane with tons of people packed together like sardines.  To avoid overflowing into someone elses seat in the future; follow these simple rules to keep your gut in check while 40,000 feet up.

    * Drink Plenty of water. Since the air in the plane is circulated; this will keep you hydrated and virus free.

    * Avoid fatty, yet filling foods. The airlines aren’t stupid; the best way to fill people up for cheap is to give them small portions of fattening foods that are loaded with carbs (a combination that is sure to make you fall asleep). The most common airlines foods would be peanuts (fattening), and pretzels ( full of carbs and tons of salt).

    * Don’t waist your money calming down with a nice gin and tonic. Extra calories from alcohol will go straight to your stomach and hips if you don’t have the ability to burn it off.  Since you’re stuck on a plane, this is a given.

    * Get Plenty of rest.  Decreased amounts of sleep increases your cortisol level. Increased cortisol (your stress hormone) has been linked increased body fat around the hips and thighs (no one wants that!).

    * Walk The Airport.  Short on time and didn’t get your workout in? Chances are you are about 2 hours early for your flight.  If you have extra time, try taking a brisk walk around the airport.  This will get your metabolism up and keep you from getting antsey during your flight.

    * Do seated exercises.  No you don’t have to do arm circles in your seat!  However, you can do a seated calve raise without anyone really noticing.

    – While seated roll your foot from the heal to the ball of your foot. This will cause you to go up on the tips of your toes. Hold and contract your calves.

    – Ab Exercises – Contract your abs by drawing your belly button into your spine. Then relax and repeat.

    – Glute Exercise – Contract your glute (butt) while seated. This will cause you to raise up slightly, then relax.

    * Take Your Vitamins–  Everyone knows they are “supposed” to do it, yet vacations mean that people forget.  Taking your vitamins helps to flush out toxins, and keeps you from getting sick from the recirculated air of the plane.

       These simple tricks can help you to look your best during the holiday season. Remember, these people only see you once or twice a year; why not look your best for the people you love!

    Adria Ali

    December 18, 2007

    Holiday Workouts On The Go!

          Most people during this time of the year are on the go.  So what do you do if you aren’t at home for the holidays ; or you just can’t seem to make it into the gym for your routine?  Use this great workout in your hotel or house (or even your parent’s house).  Keep those holiday pounds from weighing you down. 

     *  Each exercise should be performed 12 – 15 repetitions, with a total of 2-3 sets. 

    Chair Dips



    Set up: Sit on the edge of a sturdy chair with your hands under your body, parallel with your legs, fingers curling over the edge of the chair. Feet should be out in front of you, and a barbell or weight plate balanced between your thighs.

    Step 1. Slide your bottom off the chair and support your weight with the palms of your hands. Keep your back straight and look straight ahead.

    Step 2. Slowly lower your body until your elbows bend at right angles. Be sure to keep your bottom close to the edge of the chair. Elbows should bend toward the back of the chair as you descend.

    Step 3. Slowly raise your body back up to starting position with arms returning to straight, but not locked, position. (credit)”

    Push -Ups


    “1.)  Lie chest-down with your hands at shoulder level, palms flat on the floor and slightly more than shoulder-width apart, your feet together and parallel to each other.

    2.)  Keep your legs straight and your toes tucked under your feet.


    3.)   Straighten your arms as you push your body up off the floor. Keep your palms fixed at the same position and keep your body straight. Try not to bend or arch your upper or lower back as you push up.  (credit)”

    Chair Squats


    “1. Place a chair just behind you and stand in front of it with feet about hip- or shoulder-width apart.
    2. Contract the abs and keep them tight as you bend the knees and slowly squat towards the chair.
    3. Keep the knees behind the toes as you sit down on the chair for a few seconds.
    4. Contract the glutes and hamstrings to lift up out of the chair and begin extending the legs.
    5. Fully extend the legs until you’re back to standing position.
    6. Repeat this for 1-3 sets of 10-16 repetitions.
    7. To progress, squat down until you’re just hovering over the chair, but not sitting all the way down.
    8. Always keep the knees in line with the toes!(credit)”

    Wall Sits


    “1. Stand in front of a wall (about 2 feet in front of it) and lean against it.
    2. Slide down until your knees are at about 90-degree angles and hold, keeping the abs contracted, for 20-60 seconds.
    3. Come back to start and repeat, holding the squat at different angles to work the lower body in different ways.
    4. To add intensity, hold weights or squeeze a ball between the knees (credit).”

    Walking Lunges


    1. “Stand in a split stance, with feet about 3 feet apart. You want both knees to be at about 90-degree angles at the bottom of the movement, so adjust accordingly.
    2. Hold weights in each hand (or place a barbell behind the neck) for added intensity.
    3. Bend the knees and lower the back knee towards the floor, keeping the front heel down and the knee directly over the center of the foot.
    4. Keep the torso straight and abs in as you push through the front heel and back to starting position.
    5. Don’t lock the knees at the top of the movement. 
    6. Perform 1-3 sets of 10-16 reps according to your fitness level and goals. (credit).”

         Remember, you don’t have to do all of these exercises at the same time.  If you lack time, then just do one or two.  You can do the others throughout the day. If these exercises are too easy for you then grab a niece or nephew and use them as etxra weight!  They’ll enjoy it and you’ll get a great workout at the same time! 

    Happy Hoildays,

    Adria Ali

    December 17, 2007

    Your Stars Favorite Workout!

         Trends come and go, but one thing never changes in Hollywood; HOT BODIES!  Everyone has a favorite celebrity and everyone wants to look the way the stars do.  Here is your insiders guide to celebrity workouts!   Whether you’re young or old, these tips will help you into that smaller size in no time. 

    Kim Kardashian


    *Lunges. Start by standing up straight with your hands at your sides. Take a big step forward with your right leg, lowering the body until your right thigh is parallel to the floor. Straighten back up and repeat on the left side. Do three sets of 10 repetitions with each leg.


    *Sit-down squats. Start by standing in front of a chair and then sit down on the seat and stand back up. Do three sets of 15 reps.

    *Arm and leg opposition. Start on the floor on your hands and knees. Lift the right arm up and extend the left leg back so that both are parallel to the floor. Keep your abs tight and hold for 30 seconds. Repeat with the opposite arm and leg.

    *Push-ups. If you can’t do military push-ups in good form, modify your technique by pushing up from your knees. Do three sets of 10 reps.


    *Triceps dips. Position yourself in front of a sturdy chair so that your arms are behind you with your palms grabbing the edge of the seat. Scoot your legs out in front. Now lower your upper body until your upper arms are parallel to the floor and then press back up. Do two sets of 12 reps.


    Do this program a few times a week and you’ll be in shape for your big reveal, too – even if it’s just between you and your special someone



    To start off – as soon as possible – find a consistent exercise program that fits into your lifestyle and that you can do most days of the week. This will get you to the place where you are strong, fit and at — or close to — your ideal body weight.


    Then, to drop a few extra pounds and really buff up before the special night, try these tips that I have used with some of my celebrity clients:


    *Two weeks before the event — Increase your workout time (adding 15 to 20 minutes to each session), frequency (hitting the gym at least five to six times a week) and intensity (really going for the burn). For your cardio workouts, increase the intensity by going up in levels on the machines or adding some sprints or hills to your runs/walks so that you are burning more calories and really getting a good sweat. For the strength part of your workouts (up to three days a week), focus on alternating workouts of heavier weights/fewer reps with lighter weights/more reps to challenge your muscles in different ways.


    *The week before the event – Really watch what you eat. I tell all my clients to cut sugar, salt and alcohol. This will help you feel and look lean. You will also have amazing energy for your workouts. The day before the event, I recommend sticking with lean proteins and complex carbohydrates such as whole grains, and limiting fruit and veggies to avoid feeling bloated or gassy.


    *The day of the event – Work out some more. My favorite exercise for the day of the event is a long brisk walk with hills. This tightens the legs and hips, and burns lots of calories. Go for at least 45 minutes. Follow this by holding the “plank position” for three sets of one-minute holds. A plank is a yoga move where you start off lying on the floor, tummy down. Next, support your body by lifting up on your forearms and your toes, keeping your body perfectly straight. Press your shoulder blades down toward your waist. Keep your abs pulled in, and your neck aligned with your spine. Hold for 60 seconds.


    Do all this and you will look and feel fabulous for your special night on the town!


    Leonardo DiCaprio


    “Want to pretend you’re gearing up to fight the mob? Shake up your regular fitness routine by giving these moves a try. (Note: This workout is intended for people who regularly strength train. If you’re a true couch potato, start slowly and work your way up to this challenge.)

    On the first day, work on sheer strength with bench presses, straight bar curls and military presses. Don’t worry about counting set and reps. The goal is to go heavy and feel the power.

    On the second day, tone and condition with rear dips off the end of your bed or coffee table — dozens of them — to blast your triceps and upper back. Then do old-fashioned sit-ups and pull-ups — as many as you can, and then a few more.

    Repeat this cycle over the next two days, and then rest on the fifth day.

    This workout is an example of how a specific fitness strategy can help actors physically feel like the characters they are portraying — to get into their bodies.

    And it can help motivate movie buffs at home, too! Just pick a character you admire physically and design a workout based on him or her. Would this character go to a gym or train outdoors? Do kick-boxing or yoga? Cycle or swim? Shoot hoops or hit tennis balls?

    Playing the role of your favorite characters is a unique way to freshen up fitness. Who knows, you may even enjoy one of the new activities you try and decide to make it a regular part of your exercise routine. (credit)”

    Jessica Alba


    “*Walking lunges with weights. Holding your weights in each hand, take a giant step forward with your right leg, lowering the body until your right thigh is parallel to the floor. Keep your back straight and focus looking forward. Straighten up and bring the left leg forward into the next step as you move across the floor or down your hallway. Aim for 10 lunges in a row and then turn around and repeat. Do this twice.


    *Sit down/stand up squat. Stand in front of a chair and sit down on the seat. Then stand back up, raising your arms until they are straight out in front of your shoulders. Repeat 20 times.


    *Kick backs. Start on all fours on the mat or towel on the floor. Then take your right leg and extend it straight back with your foot off the floor. Next, bend the knee and flex your foot, press the leg up and then lower, all the while squeezing your buttocks. Do 25 lifts on each leg.


    *Card pick-up squat. Remove 15 cards from a deck and hold them in one hand. Take one card and deal it down onto the floor as you squat down by bending the knees, keeping your weight on your heels and wiggling your toes as you come up. Do this until the cards are all down on the floor. Then pick one up at a time, the same way you put them down.


    *Hip/butt lift. Using either a coffee table or the seat of a sturdy chair, lie on your back with your hips on the floor and place your heels on the coffee table or seat of the chair. Next, press down with your heels and lift up your hips. Squeeze your buttocks and lift as far as you can. Slowly lower down and repeat. Do 20 reps and then repeat the set. (Credit)”

         You don’t have to live in Hollywood to be a “star,” just keep up with your routine and don’t let life’s excuses get in the way of being fabulously fit!

    Adria Ali

    December 16, 2007

    6 Exercise Moves To Maxmize Calorie Burning

          The first thing we ask clients when they come to us is “what’s your goal?”  Most will say, “I want to tone up.”  OK people, lets get this clear; toning is just body fat loss!  Women tend to store body fat in between muscle as well as on the outside of the muscle.  However, me store fat behind muscle (hence the rock hard “beer belly”) and on top.  If  you are trying to “tone up” then you must lose body fat.  Body fat loss is just a matter of buring calories. 

          If you are going to the gym and you want to maximize your calorie burning, then you must target the biggest muscle groups (back, chest, legs, shoulders and abs since clients love to do abs).  The programs I design for my clients are based on their goals.  If I know they need to lose body fat then I make sure that they work these 5 areas to maximize their results.  Here is a basic sample routine….

     Lat Pull Downs

    3 sets of 15 lat-1.gif    lat-2.gif

    Chest Press

    3 sets of 15  machine_chest_press_1.gif   machine_chest_press_2.gif

    Overhead Shoulder Press

    3 sets of 15   shoulder-press.gif

    Leg Press

    3 sets of 15 reps leg-press.gif

    Leg Curl

    3 sets of 15 reps leg-curl.gif


    3 sets of 15 reps squat.gif


    3 different exercises in a row ( 3 sets of 15) REPEAT circuit for 3 total rounds.

    abs-1.gif  crunch-twist.gif                      superman_1.gifsuper-man-2.gif

    Obviously, this is a basic routine for beginners.  If you have time left at the end of your workout then you can add in biceps, triceps and calves.  For cool workout pictures like these go to  .

     Exercise doesn’t take time out of your life, it puts life into your time,

    Adria Ali

    December 15, 2007

    5 – HTP, The NATURAL Anti – Depressant and Weight Loss Supplement


         Life gets to everyone sometimes.  However, not everyone wants to go to the doctor and admit that they “aren’t quite themselves.”  If your feeling down, or you’ve just been moody, then maybe it’s time you hopped over to your local Whole Foods Store and purchased    5 – HTP. 

    “What is 5-HTP?
    5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) is an amino acid that is the intermediate step between tryptophan and the important brain chemical serotonin. There is a massive amount of evidence that suggests that low serotonin levels are a common consequence of modern living. The lifestyle and dietary practices of many people living in this stress-filled era results in lowered levels of serotonin within the brain. As a result, many people are overweight, crave sugar and other carbohydrates, experience bouts of depression, get frequent headaches, and have vague muscle aches and pain. All of these maladies are correctable by raising brain serotonin levels. The primary therapeutic applications for 5-HTP are low serotonin states as listed in Table 1.

    Table 1. Conditions associated with low serotonin levels helped by 5-HTP

    Carbohydrate craving
    Sleep apnea
    Migraine headaches
    Tension headaches
    Chronic daily headaches
    Premenstrual syndrome

    Although 5-HTP may be relatively new to the United States health food industry, it has been available through pharmacies for several years and has been intensely researched for the past three decades. It has been available in several European countries as a medicine since the 1970s. (credit)”

    “The second study sought to determine whether 5-HTP helped overweight individuals adhere to dietary recommendations (9). The twelve-week study was divided into two six-week periods. For the first six weeks, there were no dietary recommendations; for the second six weeks the women were placed on a 1,200-calorie diet. As shown in Table 1, the women who took the placebo lost 2.28 pounds, while the women who took the 5-HTP lost 10.34 pounds. As in the previous study, 5-HTP appeared to promote weight loss by promoting satiety-the feeling of satisfaction-leading to fewer calories being consumed at meals. Every woman who took the 5-HTP reported early satiety. (”


    Has 5-HTP been studied in the treatment of depression?
    Yes. In fact, there is excellent documentation that 5-HTP is an effective antidepressant agent. 5-HTP often produces very good results in patients who are unresponsive to standard antidepressant drugs. One of the more impressive studies involved 99 patients described as suffering from “therapy resistant” depression (3). These patients had not responded to any previous therapy including all available antidepressant drugs as well as electro convulsive therapy. These therapy resistant patients received 5-HTP at dosages averaging 200 mg daily but ranging from 50 to 600 mg per day. Complete recovery was seen in 43 of the 99 patients and significant improvement was noted in 8 more. Such significant improvement in patients suffering from long-standing, unresponsive depression is quite impressive prompting the author of another study to state “5-HTP merits a place in the front of the ranks of the antidepressants instead of being used as a last resort. I have never in 20 years used an agent which: (1 was effective so quickly; (2 restored the patients so completely to the persons they had been and their partners had known; [and] (3 was so entirely without side effects” (4). (
         If low serotonin levels can be linked to all of these conditions; then why wouldn’t you take this supplement???  I have recently started taking this product and it has helped me to avoid both over eating and eating the wrong foods.  Keep in mind that it doesn’t always aid in sleeping.  In my case I have to take it in the middle of the day because it tends to keep me awake.  You might want to do the same and see how it affects you.  I take the “Jarrows” brand of 5 -HPT.  I trust this brands potency and testing. 

        Give the gift of happiness for the holidays to yourself, and an even great chance at diet success … go get your 5 -HTP NOW!

    Adria Ali

    December 14, 2007

    Walk The New Run

           The traditional style of cardio machines ranges from the bike, treadmill, stair-stepper, and elliptical.  However, 4 years ago a new machine hit gyms; the treadclimber.  The machine was advertised as “walk the new run.”  Meaning, that you burn the same amount of cardio walking as you would running.  Here’s how it works and why it’s one of the greatest cardio machines invented today.


    How it works:

    • The machine is equip with two pedals (much like an elliptical)
    • Each pedal has a revolving treadmill band.
    • While the treadmill bands revolve, you walk and step at the same time. 
    • This machine is a stair-stepping motion mixed with a treadmill’s walking motion. 
    • The depth of the stepping motion can either be increased or decreased.
    • The speed of the treadmill bands can also be changed to increase or decrease the speed of the walk.

    How It Feels:

    •  Unlike the typical treadmill, the treadclimber has little to no, jarring affect.  This means, its better on your joints (similar to an elliptical).
    • The forward motion of the treadclimber, along with the stepping motion, feels as though you are walking in sand.
    • If your legs are uneven (meaning you have one stronger leg; most people do) then the treadclimber will feel as though you’re lopsided.  However, because each leg has to work independently; this will improve your muscle balance and strengthen the week leg.
    • Even though you are walking on this machine, after five minute you will notice that you become winded and realize why it burns so many calories. 

    Why This Machine Is So Great:

    • Improve muscle balance:  If you think that’s not important , then think again!  Imbalances in your muscle can cause all kinds of back, hip, knee, and ankle, shoulder, and neck problems (kinetic chain). 
    • Burn more calories with little to no impact:  For those people who struggle with joint problems, this machine gives you the workout you need with no pain. 
    • Improve muscle tone:  The treadclimber is a great workout!  Since it focuses on your lower body, you will see big changes in your legs.  The stepping motion not only works your calves and quads, it also focus on your glute (butt). 

        I am proud to say that I own one of these ingenious machines ….  I love the results I have gotten.  Since I have bad knees from numerous sports; it helps me to get an intense workouts with no impact.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.  Work smarter, not harder.

        If you are interested in checking out this machine, go to”>

     Adria Ali

    December 13, 2007

    Are Carbs Evil?


           Low carb, no carb, or moderate carbs???  Who’s confused?  All of America!  The Atkin’s diet hit the “crash diet” scene about 10 years ago and promised fast results with little to no exercise.  Wow, a diet with fast results and no exercise?!  Young or old; everyone jumped on board to lose weight fast. 

           Although fast results were the high point of this diet, not many (if any) kept the weight off after they had shed 30, 40, even 100 pounds!  As a personal trainer, I deal with people everyday who did Atkins and still do it to a point.  The result… extremely HIGH body fat!  Here’s why

    • When the body lacks carbs to fuel the muscle it goes into a cannibalistic state.  That’s right folks, your body starts eating your own muscle!!!!    Remember Silence of the Lambs… you get my point. 
    • As your body loses muscle your metabolism plummets.  You no longer burn the calories you once did.  (for each pound of muscle you have you burn 50 more calories)
    • Since you are on a reduced carb diet; this means that you usually lack energy.   Hence, you move less and burn less calorie.
    • During this diet, the main source of calories are derived from proteins, fat, and dairy.  Since you aren’t eating carbs to fill you up, you tend to eat more of the bad foods filled with fat (such as, cheese and high fat meat).   Fats derived from meats and cheeses are mostly saturated…. this means that you are more likely to store them.  Saturated fat goes straight to the hips!
    •  Lack of Nutrients:  Since the body is going without breads, pastas, and other carbs; it throws off your vitamin and nutrient balance.  Your body becomes depleted.  Depletions can lead to some serious problems.  Not only that; people become very edgy.
    • Long term use of Low Carb diets can be very taxing on your system especially your kidneys, which filter out toxins in your blood.  If you aren’t filtering your blood properly then you are poisoning yourself.  Hence, problems like gout etc. 


        Ok, so now that I have scared you out of doing low carb diets; then what should you do???   Moderate carbs is the answer.  The real trick behind long term success is knowing WHENto eat your carbs.  The majority of your carbs should be eaten in the beginning of your day.  Say goodbye to the huge dinners that your mom made in the 1950’s; those days are over!  Tapering your carbs off during the day leads to permanent success.  That means you make breakfast your biggest and highest carbohydrate meal.  Lunch should be moderate carbs, and dinner should be little to no carbs.  Snacks should have moderate carbs as well. 


    Here is a sample diet when tapering your carbs off during the day……


    1 cup of cooked oat meal

    4 egg whites

    1/2 cup of low fat milk

    2 tbsp of raisins (or berries 1/2 cup; fresh)


    Yogurt (6 oz low fat)

    Low fat string cheese


    Turkey Sandwich

    1 orange

    Small salad or veggies with light dressing


    Protein Shake (made with water)

    1/2 piece of fruit


    4 oz of meat (white meat) for women / 6 oz for men

    Salad (mixed romaine)

    2 tbsp of light dressing

         Carbs aren’t the devil; they are your friend.  Just make sure you know how to use them!  They must be in your diet to lose fat the right way.  You must retain your muscle to retain your youth.  Remember, diet is important but exercise is what keeps you strong and lean.  There is no point in looking hot is you can’t move your body to the other side of the room. 

    Adria Ali

    December 12, 2007

    Spice Up Your Metabolism With Cayenne Pepper

        There are tons of supplements out on the market that promise to increase your metabolism.  What did people do back before the days of Ephedrine, Phen Phen, Cross Tops and Pink Hearts?  They used Cayenne Pepper!!! 

          We all know that Cayenne Pepper can definately spice up a meal, but did you know that it can also “raise your metabolic rate by up to 50% for up to 3 hours after you’ve eaten a spicy meal? (source)” 

     Here are the facts as stated by (fitness guru)


    • Cayenne Pepper Moves blood.  Hence it increases your circulation.  This herb moves blood faster then any other herb out there (maybe even faster then most fat burners).
    • This herb has the ability to speed up circulation within seconds of ingesting it.
    • It has the ability to stimulate and accelerate your metabolism which in turn provides energy and weight loss. 

    This herb also posses the ability to heal the body.  Cayenne pepper can help …

    • Carpel tunnel syndrome
    • Raynaud’s disease
    • Digestive problems
    • Cardiovascular diseases
    • Support Health of the stomach lining

    If you can’t seem to stomach the pepper in meals then try the capsule alternative.  This herb has a high source of vitamins A, C and a complete B complex.  It also has calcium and potassium (great for heart problems).

         Try spicing up your system and metabolism the easy, natural way by using this great herb in your everyday life.  Everyone needs help, good thing mother nature thought of it first!

    Adria Ali

    December 11, 2007

    Coconut Oil, The Healing MCT Oil


         Olive oil and flax seed have been praised for years on their healing, and antioxidant properties.  However, coconut oil has been overlooked!  Coconut oil is rich in MCT oil or (medium chain triglycerides).  MCT oil has been used for years by professional body builders.  The body converts MCT oils into a pure energy source, while keeping you full. 


         The MCT oil mimics the mother’s milk…. maybe that’s a turn off when you think about it.  However, mother’s milk has tremendous healing powers!  Not only that, MCT oil has the ability to raise your metabolism!!  Everyone needs that! 


    Here Are The Facts About Coconut Oil :

    • Increases metabolism and helps people lose excess weight.
    • Kills bacteria that causes, ulcers, throat infections, and urinary tract infections.
    • Kills fungus and yeasts that cause candidiasis, ringworm, athlete’s foot, thrush, diaper rash, and other infections
    • Provides a direct source of energy for endurance during workouts and sporting events.
    • Improves digestion and absorption of vitamins, proteins and minerals.
    • Improves and reduces affects of diabetes.
    • Helps protect against osteoporosis
    • Improves digestion and bowel movement
    • Decreases inflammation
    • Helps to recover muscles and tissues
    • Improves and aids in immune system function
    • Protects the body from colon, breast, and other cancers
    • Helps to improve cholesterol ratios
    • Protects arteries against injury and heart disease
    • Works as a “protective” antioxidant
    • Helps to relieve symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome
    • Helps to protect against kidney disease, bladder infections and dissolves kidney stones
    • It possesses lower calories then all other fats!
    • Supports thyroid function
    • Reduces symptoms associated with skin diseases
    • Does not produce harmful toxins (like other oils) when heated
    • Keeps your blood sugar level so you don’t have peaks and lows in your energy level.
    • MCT oils help to support healthy thermogenisis ( The process of producing energy at the cellular level).

    * Many of these key points were referenced from JNL a leading fitness guru.

    Adria Ali

    December 10, 2007

    Fitness Stocking Stuffers

         Are you trying to find that perfect gift for your gym bunny??  Here are some good ideas for the one you love, who loves to workout.

    • Blender Bottle –  This ingenious inventions has made many gym goers very happy!  It is the only bottle I’ve owned that actually gets all the clumps out of my protein shake (and I have owned tons of shakers)!
    • blender-bottle.jpg


    Pill Case–  All serious work out freaks are dedicated supplement takers.  What better gift then a day by day pill case that you can actually take with you.  This fun pill organizer is split into days of the week.  Each day of the week has its own box that can be taken out of the organizer and into your gym bag or purse. 

    pill-box.jpg  19.99 on

    Gym Bag–  Everyone needs a cool, functional gym bag!  Don’t forget that while choosing a gym bag it should have various compartments so things can stay organized.  It can be very frustrating to search for your keys in a “sea” of dirty gym clothes.

    gym-bag.jpg  15.99 on

    Workout Towels – Good gym members always bring a towel.  So here is a wholesale towel site to get good quality towels for a reasonable price.

    toels.jpg   1 dozen towels for 25.95 at

    Fun Gym T– Shirts –  Tired of wearing rags to the gym.  Then check out these fun filled t -shirts from  There are some fun quotes on these t-shirts.  Here are a few ….. “my other body is in the shop”, “exercise till your body behaves,” “for fun I pick up heavey things because it’s fun when I stop, real women lift weight, swet is just pain leaving the body.”

    Gym Gloves-  These make a great gift for people who do some serious training.

    3blackgloves.jpg  These are 19.95 at

    Make your favorite workout buddy one happy camper this season!  This would make any gym member happy.

    Adria Ali

    December 8, 2007

    Green Tea During The Holidays Keeps The Fat Away And The Celebrities Happy


        The holidays are here, it’s cold, dark and full of Christmas treats.  If you want to avoid gaining the pounds over the holidays then maybe green tea should be added to your “To Do” list along with your shopping.  Green Tea can help you stay energized and healthy during the season so you don’t end up looking like your Christmas tree when January comes. 

         Think you need a second opinion to be convinced???  Three big name celebrities use green tea and even request it to be in their dressing rooms!  Jennifer Lopez, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Lynsey Lowhan are huge fans! 



    • “Lohan instructed her entourage to arrange for two cases of the Pomegranate Green Tea to be dispatched to her hotel while she was in London promoting Herbie: Fully Loaded in July.
    • Lopez and teenage actress Lindsay Lohan are both huge fans of AriZona Pomegranate Green Tea (source).”





    Key Facts About Green Tea

    • It speeds up your metabolism.  If you go to the store and look at many of the top selling fat lose products, you will see that more then half of them have green tea!
    • Works to control blood sugar levels (we all need that!)

              “Green tea may be useful as a glucose regulator — meaning it slows down the rise in blood sugar following a meal.

    It does this by slowing the action of a particular digestive enzyme called amylase. This enzyme is pivotal in the breakdown of starches (carbs), that can cause blood sugar levels to soar following a meal. This is pretty exciting stuff — along with a chromium, and possibly a vanadyl supplement, green tea might be the missing link in proper glucose management (source)”

    * Controlling your blood sugar plays a huge role in fat gain and loss.  If your blood sugar stays even, then you can control  your hunger, and keep from gaining excess body fat due to huge increases in glucose (sugar).  

         The Holidays are fun, however, you don’t want to have to pull your “fat jeans” out of the closet to accommodate your new size.  Think smart, eat smart, and workout so you never have to make a new years resolution. 

     Adria Ali

    December 7, 2007

    The Book That’s Changing Lives


           Not everyone was raised with a nutritionist as a mom.  In this day and age our mothers are so stressed out that they lack both the time, and the patience to cook really healthy meals.  Not only that; a lot of people out there were never taught what “healthy eating” really is! 

          One of the newest books out on the market is called the “Eat Clean Diet.”  This book is changing lives and educating people on how to eat clean and healthy foods for life!  The book is modeled after diets that were traditionally used by body builders to lean up.  However, Tosca Reno has designed a fun, eye catching way to teach people the way they should really eat! 

          Tosca is basically telling you what any personal trainer would tell you……

    1. Eat 5-6 times per day. (Typical Advice to speed up metabolism)
    2. Each meal should be between 200-300 calories. (Works every time)
    3. Eat a complex carbohydrate with protein at every meal (Makes sense)
    4. Drink at least 2L (8 cups) of water every day (could be more if you are working out hard)
    5. Never miss a meal, especially breakfast (Very true) 
    6. Avoid saturated and trans-fats (Always)
    7. Stick to proper portion sizes    (Very important) 

         For any personal trainer out there who is working to change their clients eating habits… this book is a blessing!  Not only does it tell them what to do, it goes into full detail on WHY they are doing it! 

    The drawback:  Although I love the information in the book and the great glossy pictures; I felt that the book needed a little bit more character.  After reading a couple of chapters I got disinterested.  If you are going to read this book for its content (which is highly recommended), then you should pace yourself and only read a chapter at a time.  Trying to read too many chapters at one time gets boring and you tend to lose interest. 

       I applaud Tosca for making a book that I can refer to my clients, and know that they will be well educated and informed while reading it!


       Don’t forget that this isn’t the only book that has been written by Tosca Reno.  She has also added a recipe book and workout books to go with it… go to her web site for more info at

    Adria Ali

    December 6, 2007

    Low Calorie Alcoholic Drinks For The Holidays


        If you are reading this post, then you are viewing the old site.  Please visit our new and imporved site fit tip daily site!  To view this article click on the link below for GREAT information on low calorie alcoholic drinks.  Thanks for reading and enjoy the new site!

    Adria Ali

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