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November 30, 2007

Say Goodbye To Flabby Arms


     When you wave goodbye to people, does your arm stop waving at the same time as you?  Hundreds of clients come to me wanting to reshape and tone their arms.  If this is your goal then this article should help you on your way to firmer, more defined arms in no time! 

     The Triceps (the back of the arm) make up the majority of your arm.  The muscle is made up of three different muscles; the lateral Head, Medial head and Long Head.  When looking for definition in your arm the triceps form a horseshoe.  Here is a picture just for example sake. 


     Use these common exercises either at the gym or at your home.  Don’t forget that you can’t “spot reduce!”  If you have excess body fat on the back of your arms then your diet has to change.  Adding exercise for that particular spot will firm it up but it won’t make it disappear!  Look at some of the other articles written on this web site for information on how to change your eating habits.



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