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November 28, 2007

“The Biggest Loser” Secrets Revealed


       In the 1920’s people would have never imagined a tv show based on losing weight (let alone a tv).  However, times have changed.  America has not only gained technology, they have also gained huge amounts of weight!  Everyone watches in great surprise as people shed weight at such a rapid pace.  All of my clients come back the night after watching the first show of the season with the same question…. “How in the world did they lose SO much weight so fast?”   Well, it’s no secret…. we as trainers know the answer.  Here are the secrets of The Biggest Loser REVEALED…..

 1.)  They are working out a minimum of 4 hours a day(Not Including the challenges).

2.)   They are secluded on a Ranch or campus (somewhere in California), away from friends, family, and most of all … .the temptations of everyday life.

3.)   They are supplied with bodybuggs to help them on their way to success (if you don’t know what a bodybugg is then click on the article I have already written called “inventions that make people lose!). 


4.)  They have 3 personal trainers who’s sole job is to make them lose weight as fast as possible!  Not to mention, that trainer is FULL TIME.

jillian-michaels.jpg     bob.jpg    kim_26_200.jpg

5.)  Not only are the trainers kicking their butts everyday .. they are watching their food intake and coaching them on a daily basis.

6.)  Everyone on the camp is being pushed to their extreme everyday.   Are you pushing yourself as hard as you can every single day you walk into the gym?

7.)  The camp is supplied with only healthy foods… if you want to cheat, then TOO BAD.  You will have to overeat the healthy foods to cheat.

8.)  You have NO CHOICE but to workout while at the biggest loser camp.  You don’t have the option to skip a workout and go to the movies with friends or lay on the couch and watch tv.

9.)  The campus is decked out in the latest fitness equipment supplied by none other than 24 Hour Fitness. 

10.)  IT’S DO OR DIE.  If you don’t move it, then you just don’t lose it and you are out of the game.

     Look at these 10 secrets of The Biggest loser and try to make your everyday life reflect this show.  Yes, these people are losing weight with the help of trainers and pressure from a nationally broadcast show, but who says you can’t mimic what they are doing to your best ability and not get great results.?  Here are my tips for making your life a Biggest Loser Life…

  • Don’t allow food in your house that isn’t healthy.
  • You have no choice …. you HAVE TO WORKOUT!
  • Push yourself hard at the gym every time you go…. maybe even get your own trainer.
  • Look into getting a bodybugg so you can take the guess workout OUT of working out
  • Take time for yourself… without friends, family or distractions to workout (just as they do on the ranch)
  • Give yourself a goal… you don’t have to win a game on tv to do this.  Find something that motivates you and stick to it!  Even if that’s just getting off of blood pressure medication or lowering your cholesterol.
  • Join a gym!  If you don’t already have a membership to the gym, then find one that meets your needs and get started!
  • Not everyone has 4 hours a day to workout… if any.  However, find time to go to the gym and then add activity to your daily life to enhace your fat burning.  This could be something as simple as taking the stairs at work!

     You don’t have to be part of a show to be successful however, watching the show can motivate you on your own path to a healthier you!



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