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November 27, 2007

10 Ways To Motivate Yourself Into A Smaller Size

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     Can’t seem to get off the couch and into the gym?  Too tired after work to hit the weights?  Do you envy the workout freaks at work?  Well now it’s your turn to look better and be healthier then everyone around you!  Motivation is the key to your success so here are some helpful tips to get you into the gym and looking slim in no time!

1.)   Download new music on your ipod or mp3 player and ONLY use it for the gym.    


2.)   Take a “before” picture.  Post this picture somewhere that you will see it everyday and tell yourself “that is the old me.”

3.)   Buy a new outfit that is a smaller size.  Use the new clothes as motivation to look better.


4.)   Plan a vacation.  Use the vacation as a goal to look better in all the pictures taken on vacation.



5.)   Are you a parent?  Hang a picture of your kids up and remind yourself that you are doing it to be around for them.




6.)   Set Goals.  Such as, when I lose 5 pounds… then I can ……    Think of things that you wouldn’t usually do like get a massage, go tanning, get your nails done etc.                             


7.)   Use the TV.  Go the the gym and watch tv only when your favorite shows are on.  This forces you off the couch and into a better body.

8.)   For Your Dog.  Chances are, if you are overweight then your dog could use some exercise too!  Use your new motivation to better your dogs life too!


9.)    Write Down your workouts.  Logging your exercise helps you to have a visual picture of what you have accomplished and where you are going.

10.)   Get a workout buddy.  If they aren’t slacking then you can’t either!  Try to find someone who is uplifting and makes workingout fun (this could be a friend, spouse or even a trainer)!





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