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November 24, 2007

Why Get A Personal Trainer?


     Think you can go to the gym, workout, and eat right with enough motivation?  Sure you can!  However, what makes you think that someone who specializes in exercise and weight loss/ weight gain can’t help increase your results and keep you motivated and consistent? 

     When people think of a personal trainer they picture some huge guy that looks like Hulk Hogan standing over them yelling out orders like a drill Sargent.  The reality of our occupation is just the opposite.  We aren’t there to be little you, yell at you, and make you puke (because you’ve worked out so much).  We are there to be a “professional tool” to guide you in the right direction so you can be successful throughout your journey to a better, healthier body. 

     Most gym members watch trainer throughout their training sessions and try to get a good idea of what a trainer “really” does.  However, even the average client doesn’t really know what is fully going on.  Much more thought and effort goes into planning workout routines then just marching out onto the workout floor and pointing to machines.  Not only is the trainer tailoring your workout towards your overall goal, but they are also changing your routine on a consistent basis so you don’t hit plateaus and get discouraged.   Sometimes this means changing the weight, reps, or even changing the whole routine all together!   So I am going to give you some hints on “what a trainer really does” so that you can decide whether paying for personal training is really worth it…..

 1.) Trainers keep track of your progress and goals by measuring you on a consistent basis.  This helps the trainer determine whether your workout and eating habits are helping you get to your goal.  If you aren’t losing fast enough or not at all then a “good trainer” will see to it that you do!

2.) Keep you consistent, not only with coming to the gym but also with your eating plans, supplements and cardio training. 

3.) Trainers push you to your limits.  This refers not only to the weight training but to the cardio as well.  Trainers get to know there clients so well that they know when the client can do more and when they have had enough.  Sometimes it takes someone else looking over you, observing you to “really” know your true limits.  Most people tend to give up when it starts to get hard.  However, the hard part is what stimulates change.

4.)  Act as motivational tool to keep you coming to the gym.  Not only do you have to come because you have an appointment, but you have to come so you don’t let trainer down. 

5.)  Trainers change your workout so that you don’t hit plateaus.  They also act as sounding boards for life’s stresses and strains….. we are like therapists. 

6.)  Help you to target parts of your body that you are unhappy with.  Trainers have a vast supply of exercises so they can help target areas of your body that you don’t know how to work.  Different exercises helps you to challenge parts of your body in so many different ways that you are assured to get results. 

7.)  Advise you of the right, safe supplements for you and your goal.   The supplement industry spends billions of dollars each year on advertising their products, but just because they spent so much on promotion doesn’t mean that they spent it on research!  That’s where the trainer comes in, they study supplements and tell you which ones are worth buying.

8.)  Keep you on track with your meal plans (the hardest thing of all).  No one likes to be restricted, but somehow when someone is watching over you, it’s much easier to eat the right foods then just doing it on your own. 

9. )  Act as a friend and familiar face at the gym (sometimes this makes all the difference in the world to people).  I have had hundreds of clients over the years …. when I walk up to talk to them (wheather they are and old client from the past or a new client) in the gym after watching them doing their routine alone; there faces light up!  People love to know that their hard work is being appreciated and observed. 

10.)  We are there for every question imaginable… think of us as your own personal adviser, there to answer every question about health and fitness on a personal basis.  Yes, we get every question in the book … some so odd that I won’t mention them.  However, if you have a question you don’t tend to just walk up to any trainer on the floor and ask them… you want to talk to someone you know that makes you feel comfortable and welcome. 

   Look over this list of things that trainers do…… now think about your busy life; your family, your job, your social life. Now, tell me if you think you have time to change your workouts, follow your meal plan, keep yourself motivated, and spend long nights researching new workout routines and supplements.  Not many of us do…. but we know we can make money and save money.  This money can be invested in your well being by choosing a personal trainer that’s well educated who can help you on your way to a better you!



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  1. Hi Adria, remember me? I found this site, and I’ve been reading a bunch of your articles. You have some great information here. Good job! Miss you.

    Comment by Ericca — March 12, 2008 @ 6:50 am

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