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November 21, 2007

The “Miracle” Tea That’s Making People lose weight


     As everyone knows by now … anything featured on Oprah becomes like the gospel truth.  According to Oprah, this new tea called “Wu Long Tea”  is the new miracle discovery.  Not only is this tea recommended by Oprah, it’s also highly recommended by Rachel Ray, and Bill Phillips (fitness guru).


A few facts about Wu Long Tea:

World’s Most Powerful Fat Burner Cut The Effects Of Carbs
Increases Energy Helps with Digestion
Decreases Appetite Revitalizes Skin
Lowers Blood Pressure Improves Immunity
Relieves Tiredness Melts Away Your Fat

Not only that, evidently “Wu Long Tea Burns over 157% more fat than green tea.”  For those who don’t know about green tea, it has been praised for years.  Not only for its high antioxidants, but also for its fat burning ability. 

Here is an excerpt from the Wu long Tea website about Oprah’s special recipe…..

“To transform an ordinary cup of tea into a special treat, Oprah adds mulling spices (a mix of cinnamon, allspice and cloves) and lemon and orange slices.

And she always drinks the tea from a beautiful cup. “I make it into a ritual,” she explains. “I [used to be] one of those people—like so many of you who are mothers and nurturers—I could give anything to everybody else, but when it came time to do it for myself … I felt like I wasn’t worth the trouble. … I [now] realize that I really am worth the trouble—just as you are—and so I make it beautiful for myself.”

Oprah has used Wu Long Tea as part of her evening ritual in order to avoid snacking after her strict 7:30 p.m. eating cut-off time.”

     Personally, I haven’t tried the tea.   I will tell you that if you are looking to lose body fat and have run out of options then at least this is a natural source.  Stay away from those “fat burners” that make you feel as though you are hyped up on crack.  I have always stood behind green tea and I don’t see how this natural fat loss product would be any different.

 A Ali


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