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November 15, 2007

One Of The Newest Inovations In Fitness


      Hundreds of clients come to me every year with joint pain and muscle aches.  The most common pain comes from the knees and lower back.  Well I have the cure for you!  This technique works better then massage and hurts less then knee surgery…. it’s “Myofacial Release” or most commonly know as “foam rolling.”  This deep tissue stretching technique helps to relieve tight muscle pain, which is the major culprit in joint pain.  Skip the surgery and invest your time in rolling those tight muscles and feel the pain disappear. 

 Here are some basic foam rolling techniques

By: Michael Lovegren

Calf (Gastroc/Soleus)

-Balance on both hands, shoulder blades down, and tighten core
-Roll from knee to ankle, if possible, toes pointed up and out
-Corkscrew hips and move foot, if possible, as you roll
-Exhale as you push hips away; inhale as you pull hips toward

Side Calf (Peronius Group) -Balance on left elbow and right hand, keep hips up, and maintain a tight core
-Roll from knee to ankle, stack legs
-Same breathing pattern as calf roll, yet move foot, if possible, as you roll

Front Calf (Tibialis Anterior) foam_roller_3a.jpg

Balance on two hands and pressure left shin
-Shift body to apply pressure to the muscular part of shin (do not put pressure on bone)
-Roll from knee to ankle with same breathing pattern as calf roll, but replace knee instead of hips


Side Quad (Iliotibia Tract)

 -Set up like side of calf roll but start on the hip
-Roll from knee to hip, slowly roll to find “hot spots”
-Corkscrew motion, if possible, stack legs or drop right foot to ground


Quads (Quadriceps Group)

-Balance on elbows, face down, with quads on foam roller.
-Work your way up the roller, tighten core
-To place greater emphasis on one leg(left), cross right leg over the back of left, or shift body weight to the left


Inside of Quad (Adductor Group)

-Balance on elbows inside roller, left hip and knee flexed on top of roller
-Roll from hip to knee, slowing for “hot spots”
-Shift weight toward roller for more pressure “stretch


Back (Thoracic Spine Mobility)

-Begin with roller around mid balance with back flat, glutes raised, feet flat and close to glutes, shoulder blades down and depressed
-Roll from mid to upper back, side to side to emphasize a stretch in the spine and lumbar/thoracic region.
-Arms raised straight up or behind head
-Same breathing pattern as calf roll


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