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November 15, 2007

Changing Your Routine Can Mean Big Changes In Your Waist Line!

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  Stuck in a rut?  Can’t seem to get to that next size down?  It’s time for a change!!!! 

      As a professional in this field, my job is to keep my clients from hitting that ever infamous plateau.  Little changes in your routine can mean huge results before bikini season.  Here are my trainer tips for avoiding this black hole of dispare and frustration!  

  •  Always drink enough water.  Jillian Micheals from the biggest loser suggests 80 oz of water per day.  Not consuming enough water leaves you bloated and tired.  Not to mention that increasing your water intake can help you lose excess water in as little as 2 days!


  • Change your cardio Routine.  This means either change the intensity by increasing the speed or level OR change the cardio all together.  If you have been running for two years try doing the elliptical trainer or biking. 

  • Get Serious about your weight training.  Are you the average gym member who fogs around the weight lifting equipment and randomly selects machines???  Change that!  If your trying to lose then get a set routine and stick to it.  


7  Easy To Do Tips That Will Immediately Improve Your Workout! (courtesy of

  1. .Enter The Gym With A Specific Plan.

 2. Be At The Gym On Time & Ready To Train.(whether you have a training partner or not)

3. Set A Time Limit For Your Workout

4. Know What You Want To Achieve Before Your Hands Even Touch “Metal.”

5. Be Sure To Feel The Muscle Or Muscle Groups That You Want To Stimulate.

6. Evaluate Your Performance Immediately After Your Workout.

7. Think About Your Next Workout Before You Leave The Gym.

You should never take even one step into the gym without knowing exactly what you are going to do during that day’s workout. Resist the temptation to be guided by your feelings or emotions on a particular training day

  • Don’t Underestimate your calorie intake.  Write down your food and track what you eat.  If you have to write it down you will be less likely to put it in your mouth. 

  •  Track Your Measurements.  If you’re going to the gym, exercising and watching your calories, you may be gaining some muscle (this is a good thing).  However, muscle weighs more then fat, but takes up less space.  This is why it is important to measure your body and watch how your clothes fit.  I promise in the end you will look better and be smaller. 

A Ali




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