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November 15, 2007

Celebrity Fitness Craze

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kelly-ripa.jpg (cover courtesy of Fitness Magazine)

Recently, my most motivated client brought me a magazine with Kelly Ripa on the cover and said “I want to look like that.” I smiled and politely told her that everyone is built different but we can do our best to get her close!

Here are some fun quotes from Kelly in this issue of Fitness Magazine.

On making her butt look good in jeans:

“I treat my cheeks like breasts in a push-up bra. I just reach down in there, lift them up and push them together. And they’ll stay put if the jeans are tight enough in the seat.”

On what motivates her to workout:

“A month or two after I started working out, I wore a sleeveless turtleneck to work. Regis was like, ‘Pipa, your arm muscles look incredible!’ ” she says. “It was the first time anybody had ever said anything to me about my muscles. And because I am a vain person, that’s all I needed to hear to stay with it.”

On her biggest health fear:

“I used to smoke, so lung cancer is the thing that keeps me awake at night,” she reveals. “I worry, ‘Did I quit in enough time? Did I do it for too long?’ It’s one of those things where I think, ‘Boy, what a foolish thing I did.’ “

Who ever thought of buying jeans so tight that you could actually use them as support for you butt???? Next thing you know they will patent jeans with underwire support!



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