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November 14, 2007

Think You’re Eating Healthy? Think Again!

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Think you’re eating healthy? Yeah right! Little changes in your food intake can show huge results in you weight, inches, and body fat.

Now a days we eat more and more processed food. Anything that is deemed “quick” usually falls into this category, and is bad with a capital B! Some deceiving foods are minute rice (even minute brown rice), Quick Oats, diet soda, pastas, and soups that are loaded with salt. Here are some tips for making healthy choices that are good for your blood sugar.

1.) Stay away from anything that is deemed quick or fast. These food have been processed so much that they turn into sugar quick… which wreaks havoc on your blood sugar.

2.) Steer clear of white flours such as breads and pastas.

3.) Keep it simple. Look at the lables of your foods, if you can’t pronounce the ingredients then you don’t eat it!

4.) Stick to foods rich in fiber. Such as, fruits, veggies and whole grain products.


5.) Plan out your meals. If you have a plan you are less likely to go for quick meals high in fat and sugars.

6.) Go to the grocery store at least once a week so that you always have a vast supply of food at home. This makes it easier for you to eat at home and take your lunch.


That old saying “you are what you eat” makes a lot of sense when you watch those people exiting those fast food chains.



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